In the studio!

Summary: Three consecutive 8-hour days doing band sessions at Soundbaker Studios. Six 4-hour sessions recording and compiling vocals. Many mugs of peppermint tea, 1 packet of jelly snakes and a box of Cheds.

Thursday’s band session started off well – set up was quick and clean, and by the end of the day the drums and bass had good takes down for 6 songs. There were five of us in the studio – Robin and Bronton putting down bass and drums respeectively, and the rest of us playing along to give them a guide and some mojo. On the Friday, we finished off the drum and bass tracks, and moved to recording Tal’s keys and Harry’s guitar. Pleased with our productivity, the band ended the day with an energetic gig at The Boheme.
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Album Fundraiser Show @ the Ellington

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All photos taken by Dylan Tilbury for Layla & Associates Photography.

Faster Louder Article 26/04/11 – “Shameem Taheri-Lee @ The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth”

“Taheri-Lee’s songs had a deep, soulful resonance that captivated the audience, propelled by a strong rhythmic backing, augmented by virtuoso keyboard solos. The whole band worked in unison to create a rich tapestry of colour…”

Sexy, sophisticated, suave, the Ellington Jazz Club has it all. Whether you’re an amateur jazzophile who thinks Louis Armstrong is that guy who landed on the moon, or a jaded veteran who thinks the only good jazz comes in 37/16 timing and involves instruments invented for the sole purpose of one performance and destroyed moments later to preserve the song’s originality, the Ellington Jazz Club is a Mecca for anybody with a toe in the Perth jazz scene.
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Drum Media mention 03/02/11 – “Shaman Taheri-Lee”

Tonight at 8:00pm bright young talent Shameem Taheri-Lee and her band are kicking off their WA tour with a show not to be missed. Ben Matthews (keys), Harry Winton (guitar), Robin Murray (bass), Pete Evans (drums) and Georgia Mooney (backing vocals) will take over the Ellington Jazz Club for a night smooth tunes to get your weekend started early. $15 from 8pm. She then heads off on a big regional tour: Friday 4 February at The Esplanade Hotel, Busselton; Saturday 5 Settlers Tavern, Margaret River; Sunday 6 White Star Hotel, Albany; Friday 11 Dalwallinu Discovery Centre; Saturday 12 L’Attitude 28, Geraldton; Sunday 13 Southerly’s Harbour View Bar, Port Denison; Friday 18 The Gascoyne Hotel, Canarvon and Sunday 20 February Divers Tavern, Broome.

Community Newspapers article 25/01/11

This article was published in various Community newspapers, including the Guardian Express, the Western Suburbs Weekly, the Southern Gazette, the Melville Times and the Cockburn Gazette. Article by Emilia Vranjes, photos by Will Russell.

Teen superstar Justin Bieber, Brit songbird Lily Allen and US rapper Sean Kingston all have YouTube and Myspace to thank for their rise to global fame, and perhaps another music industry fairytale could be unfolding right here in Perth.

Shameem Taheri-Lee may be an unknown now, but a UK song-writing stint scheduled for mid-this year with international songwriter and producer James Bryan could change all that. Bryan’s credits include Canadian pop/R&B artist Nelly Furtado’s career-making Grammy hits Like a Bird and Turn out the Lights.
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Counting down till WA tour!

WA tour is just over a week away! All venues are confirmed, check out the gigs page for all details.

Be sure to catch the Tour Launch show at the Ellington Jazz Club on Thursday 3rd February – tickets are available here.

Highlights of the tour include a unique performance as part of Northbound Festival in Dalwallinu, a small town 3 hours north-east of Perth. Also playing are Perth folk/ rock act A Beggars Second and local songstress Codie Sundstrom. Make a weekend trip to celebrate life under the stars with us at the town’s gorgeous brand new amphitheatreon Friday February 11th!

Strawberry (Live @ the Ellington)

This is the debut performance of my new song, “Strawberry”.

Drum Media article 03/12/10 – “Shameemanism”

Playing her last show before heading to the UK to write her first album early next year, Shameem Taheri-Lee will bring her band down to The Ellington Sunday 5 December. Her lush ’90s r’n’b tones and jazz influence has caught the ear of James Bryan, co-writer of Nelly Furtado’s recent album. With even Australia jazz legend James Morrison singing her praises recently, this is a gal to catch on the way up.


JAZZAZIZ gig: With the Russell Holmes Trio

Want pictures? Of course you want pictures!! Got some really cool snaps from the recent JAZZAZIZ gig… yay for trippy purple lighting!! Check more out here.

NEWS: I got grant #1!! So I’ve got the green light to invade WA with my music… now, to deal with the rollercoaster of confirming venues, people, places, things… here’s the best one I’ve had so far: “Oh, turns out we’re going to be rennovating our bar right during the time that we booked your gig, so we’ll have to postpone you by a couple of months. Sorry.” Lovely.
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Space Ship News article 21/11/10 – “Shameem Taheri-Lee plays the Ellington”

Shameem Taheri-Lee, dubbed Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys, is performing a landmark show in her young career at The Ellington Jazz Club at 6:30pm on Saturday December 5th.

2010 has been a busy year for this motivated young artist, who has been promoting her recently released EP “Universe for Afternoon Tea” in her home town of Perth, Australia. The first track of the recording, “Undertones”, was nominated for the 2010 WAM Song of the Year Awards.

“This performance is important because it is my last major gig before I set off to pursue some really important projects,” says the bubbly singer/ songwriter. “I have a lot of plans for 2011, such as touring Australia, recording my first full-length album and travelling to the UK to write with James Bryan, who co-wrote and produced Nelly Furtado’s recent #1 album.
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