In the studio!

Summary: Three consecutive 8-hour days doing band sessions at Soundbaker Studios. Six 4-hour sessions recording and compiling vocals. Many mugs of peppermint tea, 1 packet of jelly snakes and a box of Cheds.

Thursday’s band session started off well – set up was quick and clean, and by the end of the day the drums and bass had good takes down for 6 songs. There were five of us in the studio – Robin and Bronton putting down bass and drums respeectively, and the rest of us playing along to give them a guide and some mojo. On the Friday, we finished off the drum and bass tracks, and moved to recording Tal’s keys and Harry’s guitar. Pleased with our productivity, the band ended the day with an energetic gig at The Boheme.

Saturday was however, a different story… with Robin and Bronton done and gone, and given that the few of us left in the studio were tired from performing the previous night, the energy in the room dropped dramatically. Three bleary-eyed musicians, trying to make magic in a dim-lit studio. It was a real struggle to complete the keys and guitar tracks by the end of the day, but somehow, and with the aid of snacks both nutritious and not, we got there!!

So did we have a day-off on Sunday? Not quite – instead the band tore up the stage at The Ellington, playing for a very warm, appreciative audience. We really noticed the difference that three full days of recording had made to our performance of the songs, and the overall tightness of the band… it was a very fun gig!

The following week had me wiped out: 5 vocal sessions in and around my regular schedule. I was teaching voice lessons all day and recording late into the night!! Again, we started off strong, getting lead vocals down swiftly and surely, and even recording a bonus solo track (just piano and vocals). Lovely Georgia came down to lay down some backing vocals, bearing all the symptoms of a bad cold, but still managed to put down some great takes. However, later in the week we fell slightly behind schedule and had to put together an extra to finish off the backing vocals, which we ploughed through with gusto!

And now, the tracks are in the hands of producer/ sound engineer Rob Agostini, for mixing. Once he’s done, they’ll go to Lee Buddle at Crank Recording for mastering. Tomorrow is my photoshoot with photographer Katey Manuchehri and makeup artist Michaela from The Makeup eMpire. I have a couple of zits today… I hope Michaela can cover them up 😉

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