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New track – collaboration with Colby Jeffers

New inspirational track, “Gladden Our Hearts“: a collaboration with USA rapper Colby Jeffers.  A prayer for peace and unity, hip hop style! This track is something a bit different for me… while I have always written from the heart and much of my lyrics are inspired by concepts found in the Baha’i Writings, this is […]

Podcast interview with Mind & Soul Matters

I sat down with Farah from Mind and Soul Matters Podcast to chat about how music has helped me to navigate life’s challenges. It was such a lovely and refreshing interview to do; she asked very different questions to other interviewers haha in a good way! We had a great D&M  For those who prefer […]

Interview with A Baha’i Perspective

Here’s a little interview I did for the podcast A Baha’i Perspective. Doing the interview kind of felt like doing a gig without singing the songs … explaining the inspiration behind each of the songs as we went along, except that I’m a bit more direct in this interview about the source of the inspiration


Wanna see me make a fool of myself? I’m embracing my baby bod, Beyoncé style! 35 weeks pregnant and counting…

Pregnancy announcement!

I’ve given birth to thirty-three tracks across four studio recordings… time for me to give birth to a live human being now. Projected release date: October.