I Love You, But – official music video

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Produced by Alucinor Productions. Featuring actor Steven J. Mihaljevich. Makeup by Suzanah Soffian HMUA and Yvette Gray; hair by Candise at Shendals Signature Salon, and Artistic Visions. Studio scenes filmed at Soundbaker Studios.

“Under One Sun”, live at The Ellington Jazz Club

Under One Sun” (from the album The Second City), performed live at The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth in October 2015. Guitar solo by Dom Barrett; filmed by Mark Turner.

“Beautiful Soul” – live at Subiaco Arts Centre

Performing “Beautiful Soul” at The Second City Album Launch in Perth, at Subiaco Arts Centre. This performance features Lisa & Chido from The Dance Workshop/ Exzempt Dance.

“Strawberry” – live at Subiaco Arts Centre

Performing a jazzed up arrangement of “Strawberry”, live at The Second City Album Launch in Perth, at Subiaco Arts Centre.

Under One Sun (full video)

Shameem_UnderOneSun_single_cover_higresPurchase Under One Sun on iTunes.

Produced by Jason Eshraghian. Paper art and dress created by Renee Farrant. Painting by Phil Doncon. Makeup by Michaela Ivory; hair by Kendal at Shendals Signature Salon.

“Beautiful Soul” live on The Couch

Footage from our performance on Foxtel Aurora’s The Couch. Dom & I performing “Beautiful Soul” live on set!

Beautiful Soul (full video)

Shameem_Single_Sleeve-cover_lowresPurchase “Beautiful Soul” on iTunes. Also available on Bandcamp.

Produced by Red Bird Creative. Dress created by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous and Aggie Ampersand. Makeup by Gail Wilton; hair by Sharryn Sinclair.

Turn It On

“Turn It On” is available for purchase on iTunes stores worldwide, including Australia, USA, UK and Japan.