JAZZAZIZ gig: With the Russell Holmes Trio

Want pictures? Of course you want pictures!! Got some really cool snaps from the recent JAZZAZIZ gig… yay for trippy purple lighting!! Check more out here.

NEWS: I got grant #1!! So I’ve got the green light to invade WA with my music… now, to deal with the rollercoaster of confirming venues, people, places, things… here’s the best one I’ve had so far: “Oh, turns out we’re going to be rennovating our bar right during the time that we booked your gig, so we’ll have to postpone you by a couple of months. Sorry.” Lovely.

So how did I deal with the pressure? Flung myself head-first into a 9-day full-time volunteer project! Craaaaazy… sometimes I think I’m a real threat to the human race. But I feel rather spiritually refreshed, albeit mentally strained 🙂 Does that make sense? I’m babbling… need some energy… dinner time… anywho

Last Ellington gig was great – the place was packed and the band played really well! I’ve recently written a song called “Strawberry”, which I reckon (and both my hubby Kia and Tal, my keys player agree with me), is the follow up to “I Look Up” in terms of its likeability and feel-good vibe… tested out on the audience and it proved quite successful. Always a good sign when people are humming it after the gig 🙂 Ah, joy! Looks like that’ll have to be the star track on the upcoming album. We filmed that gig, so hopefully there’ll be footage available soon… stay tuned.

And finally… no oysters since my last post… but I did get treated to Blue Manna Crab Angel Hair Spagetti on the house at a recent gig. Guess that makes up for it 😛

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