Make Shameem’s next album Pozible!

Hi, it’s Shameem here. I’m in the midst of preparations to record my second album – we’ll be starting the production sessions in December! Because I’m an independent artist (i.e. no record label), I need your support to help to raise the funds needed to record this album through my crowd funding campaign. Crowd funding is a new and exciting way that many artists use their networks and communities to support new projects. Friends, family and fans can contribute, and will be rewarded according to how much they contribute.

Depending on what you contribute, you can:

  • receive a copy of the album before it’s released
  • have a singing lesson with me
  • be credited on the CD liner notes as a “patron” or “honourary producer” of the album
  • And much more!

Please check out my crowd funding page on the Pozible website to find out what this album recording is all about and how you can get involved. Check out the video at the top of the page for the juiciest details!

Lyrics and Inspirations from my recordings

To see song lyrics and to read about the inspiration behind the songs, click on individual song titles.


“Universe For Afternoon Tea” EP (2009)

  1. Undertones – lyrics & inspiration
  2. Accidental – lyrics & inspiration
  3. I Look Up – lyrics & inspiration
  4. Once Upon A Time – lyrics & inspiration


“Shameem” (self-titled) Album (2011)

  1. Sleeper On The Night Train  – lyrics | inspiration
  2. Boy – lyrics | inspiration
  3. Back To The Ground – lyrics | inspiration
  4. Deep, Still – lyrics | inspiration
  5. Hurting You Too – lyrics | inspiration
  6. Disappointed – lyrics | inspiration
  7. Yin – lyrics | inspiration
  8. Parents And Children – lyrics | inspiration
  9. Strawberry – lyrics | inspiration
  10. In Time – lyrics | inspiration


“The Second City” Album (2015)

  1. Beautiful Soul – lyrics | inspiration
  2. Interlude I – Sunrise and Rain
  3. It’s All Illusion – lyrics | inspiration
  4. Under One Sun – lyrics | inspiration
  5. Hole in My Heart – lyrics | inspiration
  6. Interlude II – Nectarines and Mangoes
  7. Other Half of My Heart – lyrics | inspiration
  8. Impostor – lyrics | inspiration
  9. Give Me a Reason – lyrics | inspiration
  10. Intro – A Lover is He
  11. Chill in The Fire – lyrics | inspiration | lyric video
  12. Interlude III – All The Love
  13. Expectation – lyrics | inspiration
  14. I Give Thanks – lyrics | inspiration
  15. Outro – Giving Thanks


MMXII… now what?

After I released my EP Universe for Afternoon Tea in late 2009, I sat down and drew up a list of goals to move my music career forward. It looked something like this:

  • Tour WA
  • Tour Australia
  • Record a full-length album
  • Make a video
  • Get radio play
  • Get some reviews
  • Get a support gig for a major touring artist
  • Get a festival gig
  • Establish a decent website and online presence

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“Shameem” – Rip It Up (Adelaide) article, 26/07/12

By Robert Dunstan

Shameem is a contemporary jazz, soul and R&B singer who was born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and Iranian mother.

She’s currently on a national tour to promote the release of a self-titled debut which will bring the sonstress and her full band to Adelaide for one show only.
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“Shameem Taheri-Lee” – Time Off (Brisbane) article, 25/07/12

With the release of her debut, self-titled album, Perth songstress Shameem Taheri-Lee is proving to be Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys. Tony McMahon investigates.

“I actually had recorded an EP back in 2009,” Taheri-Lee says, putting into context the approach she took to her debut album. “The EP was recorded more like a jazz project – we did three takes for each song, and then chose the best take. With this album we took more time and put a bit more consideration into production. Also, when we went to record the album, the band had been together for much longer and we’d performed and fleshed out the songs much more than we did before the EP recording… so the arrangements are more mature.”
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“Shameem: Soulfully Fresh” – Scene Magazine (Brisbane) article, 25/07/12

By Lady Lex

Nothing can equal the dynamism of a stage of musicians blowing their horns, banging the drums, beating the bass and hitting the keys with a gorgeous jazz singer who writes her own lyrics out front with a Shure S52 in hand.

The process for live music is an organic beast: it’s a development that begins with learning the craft by stitching together the music – writing the lyrics, bringing the musicians together, laying all that work down on a track before performing it to an audience.

In this weary world where cheek has replaced charm, talent is revered at the push of a button and the word ‘band’ is often confused with a multitude of dancing singers. So, it’s a breath of fresh air when a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist blows into town with a band of musicians in tow. And this breath of fresh air is Shameem Taheri-Lee.
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“Shameem” – Beat Magazine (Melbourne) mention, 25/07/12

Soulful songstress Shameem, dubbed Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys and often compared to British chanteuse Sade, will be performing in Melbourne in July as part of her first national tour. This young Perth artist has been turning heads in the music industry following the release of her debut self-titled album. Her latest credits include performing support sets for Ronan Keating and Belinda Carlisle before audiences in the thousands, and being invited to Toronto to perform at NXNE Festival 2012. Catch her at Bar 303 on Sunday July 29. 9pm, $10.

“Have You Heard Shameem” – Drum Media (Sydney) article 24/07/12

Your music is…? Soul with a 90s sensibility, infused with jazz flavours and elements of 70s funk!

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why? Sting and Michael Jackson – what great songwriters!, Alicia Keys – ‘cause she plays piano and sings soul, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott – it’s R&B with a respectful nod to jazz, and way back in the day it was Jewel – a good poet and a real storyteller.
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“Q&A: Shameem” – Beat Magazine (Melbourne) article, 18/07/12

Define your genre in five words or less: Soul with a jazz tinge.

Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like? People have told me that I’m like a more jazzy/arty version of Alicia Keys or Sade. 

What do you love about making music? Telling a story and taking people on a journey.
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Brand new video clip!!

Shameem & band have just released a new video clip! The featured track is “Strawberry” from the band’s debut album; it is a personal story inspired by Shameem’s birthmark and carries a positive message of celebrating individuality and uniqueness. Produced by Ow My Eye! Productions, the video features many everyday people – many of them are Shameem’s own family, friends and fans. It’s already becoming popular on YouTube – enjoy and share it!