Make Shameem’s next album Pozible!

Hi, it’s Shameem here. I’m in the midst of preparations to record my second album – we’ll be starting the production sessions in December! Because I’m an independent artist (i.e. no record label), I need your support to help to raise the funds needed to record this album through my crowd funding campaign. Crowd funding is a new and exciting way that many artists use their networks and communities to support new projects. Friends, family and fans can contribute, and will be rewarded according to how much they contribute.

Depending on what you contribute, you can:

  • receive a copy of the album before it’s released
  • have a singing lesson with me
  • be credited on the CD liner notes as a “patron” or “honourary producer” of the album
  • And much more!

Please check out my crowd funding page on the Pozible website to find out what this album recording is all about and how you can get involved. Check out the video at the top of the page for the juiciest details!

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