Disappointed (acoustic solo)

Picky, choosey…

So it’s less than 3 weeks until I step my foot into the studio to record our debut album. I really want this to be the “Hello world, this is Shameem” recording, so naturally I’m agonising over every detail: the song choices, the production, the photos, the design, and not least of all… the title!!

I’m terrible at picking titles… for everything, really. I made the mistake of once entitling a song “Down on You”, because of the refrain, “it’s bearing down on you.” At the time the innuendo completely escaped my mind. As you can imagine, I got some funny looks from the band members when I plonked the sheet music in front of them at our next rehearsal. You guessed correctly – I promptly changed it!!  
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Album Fundraiser Show @ the Ellington

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All photos taken by Dylan Tilbury for Layla & Associates Photography.

Album Fundraiser Show

Shameem & band have been writing, gigging and touring together for over a year now, and have cooked up the material for their debut full-length album! To HELP US to raise the dollars that we need for the expenses of recording, please come to this SPECTACULAR SHOW we’re putting on and enjoy the perks!!

Sunday 17th April, 6:00-9:00pm
The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth

Featuring never-before-heard original material, a rare solo performance of some numbers from Shameem, special guests, raffle prizes (see here for more details) and the opportunity to pre-order the album!! Tickets are going fast, so book ahead if you want to be seated.

A big thank you to our SPONSORS: Cakes By ShanthiLayla & Associates Photography and Innocent Entertainment.

Geraldton Guardian article 15/12/2010 – “Creating a Buzz around the Jazz scene”

Soulful jazz and soaring female vocals will reutrn to L’Attitude 28 this Sunday afternoon.

Shameem Taheri-Lee has been playing shows and creating buzz in Perth, and will play in Geraldton this weekend rounding off a busy year for the young artist. Taheri-Lee released her EP Universe for Afternoon Tea, and picked up a WAM Song of the Year Award nomination for the track Undertones off that record.
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Drum Media article 03/12/10 – “Shameemanism”

Playing her last show before heading to the UK to write her first album early next year, Shameem Taheri-Lee will bring her band down to The Ellington Sunday 5 December. Her lush ’90s r’n’b tones and jazz influence has caught the ear of James Bryan, co-writer of Nelly Furtado’s recent album. With even Australia jazz legend James Morrison singing her praises recently, this is a gal to catch on the way up.

The West Australian article 19/11/10 – “Shameem farewell gig”

Young jazz-pop diva Shameem Taheri-Lee will perform her last major gig at the Ellington Jazz Club on December 5 before she dedicates 2011 to national touring, recording an album and jetting to the UK to write with Nelly Furtado collaborator James Byran.

The producer discovered Taheri-Lee’s music online and invited her to travel overseas to work with him.

The exotic songstress, who was born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and Iranian mother, also counts jazz trumpet virtuoso James Morrison among her fans.

“With Shameem, you’d have to be locked in a lead-lined room to miss this lady’s sparkle,” he said.
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Projects, projects, projects…

BLOG ENTRY 15/11/10

So I’m in limbo right now… waiting to see if grants come through for WA tour (planned for February) and the songwriting trip to the UK (planned for May). Hate this waiting! I’ve decided that if I don’t get the funding for the WA tour, that I’ll cut the tour in half and make it a short one, mainly around the south-west of WA. But the UK trip… gee, I could really do with that funding!

I’ve never been one to dwell a lot on money, but unfortunately it’s the name of my game this year, if I want to do the things that I want to do! I’m now starting to brainstorm for a tour to Australia’s eastern states (think: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)… and that I will DEFINITELY need funding for.

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