“The Soothing Melody of Shameem Taheri-Lee” – Heartbeat blog article 30/11/11

A shimmering wave of beautiful jazz music entices the lucky ears of civilians down under in Australia. This lovely wave  has traveled into my ears delightfully sending my whole aura into a state of sheer euphoria. The music comes from Shameem Taheri-Lee, an artist who protrudes an essence of chill vibes from her light and smooth voice. A mixed array of emotions arise from her song “Sleeper on the Night Train.” It pulls my senses to full attention with its enchanting piano and guitar playing. The tune embodies a message of choosing one’s own destiny instead of just waiting for it to choose you. Her voice slowly flows through the chorus like a gentle river rocking a boat on a calm night. This song is so soothing to the ears that I could almost imagine singing it to my future children when I put them to bed one day. The tranquility of her voice could rock a sweet child to sleep and help them dream of courageous ventures because of the ambitious words of her charming melody.

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