Sounds So Beautiful – Shameem – Live And Learn, Knowing That Time Does Not Reverse

Another write-up from French blog Sounds So Beautiful, this time reviewing the entire the Time Does Not Reverse EP.  Click on the image below to read the full article.


SoulandJazzandFunk – NO REVERSE!

An honest review of my EP from boutique UK blog SoulandJazzandFunk – these guys are soul purists!


SHAMEEM (TAHERI-LEE) is an Australian soul singer/songwriter based in Perth. She impressed the soul world with her 2014 long player, ‘The Second City’. Connoisseurs grew particularly fond of her Alicia Keys-flavoured ‘Beautiful Soul’.

Shameem is now set to follow that up with a four track EP, ‘Time Does Not Reverse’ that wins release at the end of July. The lead single, ‘I Love You But’ has just become available and if you can get past the odd electro intro you’ll discover a fine contemporary soul tune with great lyrics about loving, but not liking someone!

The EP’s other tracks are the lazy, jazzy ‘Just A Show’, a quirky ‘Moderation’ and ‘Pass It On’ – a lovely, simple, sweet. old school pop-soul ballad with a killer hook in the chorus.

Shameem launches her EP with a show in Perth on July 29th. People in the rest of the world can learn more @

Sounds So Beautiful – Shameem Taheri-Lee – Inspirational Songwriter From Australia

Got a nice write-up about my single I Love You, But from French blog Sounds So Beautiful. To check it out click on the image below.

My two cents on US election 2016

Me having a rant… I’ve been quiet on the US election front, because I think it’s important to ponder an idea carefully before shooting off an ill-thought out opinion about it. Anyway, after a bit of reflection, here’s my two cents worth, or at least as much of it as I could distill into 90 sec.

Side project: telling my mum’s story

I recently started a blog that has nothing to do with my music, but a lot to do with my journey. It’s about my mother’s journey with Parkinson’s Disease and my journey as her primary carer, a role I’ve been playing for the last four and a half years. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think…


Mum’s scars

My mother’s body is covered with scars. Big, nasty scars; small, benign-looking scars; everything in between. I know this because I have to help her to dress and undress; she usually can’t do that by herself unless she’s having a really, exceptionally good day.

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In the studio: R&B with Metallica?

Chris-Isaak-meets-Metallica guitars over my little R&B number? Normally I find it really hard to write guitar parts for my songs, but this one came quickly to me for some reason. Next: add vocals and organ… Possibly some strings too. This song will be called “Just A Show”.

Blogs plugging the Australian Solo Tour

Just wanted to give a shout out to music blogs Sounds of Oz and Love ‘Em for giving my Australian Solo Tour a plug!

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“… killer track with standout vocals and lyrics that really cut through…” – Sounds of Oz on Beautiful Soul

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Baha’i Blog – The Second City: An Interview with Shameem

Mostly I’ve been featured on music blogs, but this time I was featured on Baha’i Blog! Check out my interview here.

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Over 12 years ago while visiting Perth, Australia, I met an amazing young Baha’i who was singing her heart out at the Baha’i Centre of Learning there. Her name was Shameem, and even though she was only in high school at the time, it was immediately clear that this enthusiastic and talented young singer, songwriter and musician was really going places with her music!

Now on her third album, and with a bunch of awards under her belt, Shameem continues to bless the stage and the airwaves with her wonderful soulful sound.

I recently caught up with Shameem again to find out more about her and her music:
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Paris Cat show (The Second City National Tour)

Some great snaps taken by Nath Clota for AMNplify at the Paris Cat, Melbourne during our recent tour.

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