Sounds So Beautiful – Shameem – Live And Learn, Knowing That Time Does Not Reverse

Another write-up from French blog Sounds So Beautiful, this time reviewing the entire the Time Does Not Reverse EP.  Click on the image below to read the full article.


The Music – EP review: Time Does Not Reverse

Another review of my EP, this time from The Music.


Shameem offers up an electro soul concoction for Time Does Not Reverse.

With a generous sprinkle of synth and a handful of harmonies, the key ingredient here is the lead vocals. There’s some hot ad-libbing that would be elevated by some live instrumentation, rather than the generally electronic approach which dominates the majority of this release. Just A Show is a standout, with some cool chord choices to pull the melody in unexpected directions and colourful guitar fills to add a bit more texture. This is closely followed by I Love You, But with a chorus that’ll be on rotation in your head for hours.

– Natasha Pinto

SoulandJazzandFunk – NO REVERSE!

An honest review of my EP from boutique UK blog SoulandJazzandFunk – these guys are soul purists!


SHAMEEM (TAHERI-LEE) is an Australian soul singer/songwriter based in Perth. She impressed the soul world with her 2014 long player, ‘The Second City’. Connoisseurs grew particularly fond of her Alicia Keys-flavoured ‘Beautiful Soul’.

Shameem is now set to follow that up with a four track EP, ‘Time Does Not Reverse’ that wins release at the end of July. The lead single, ‘I Love You But’ has just become available and if you can get past the odd electro intro you’ll discover a fine contemporary soul tune with great lyrics about loving, but not liking someone!

The EP’s other tracks are the lazy, jazzy ‘Just A Show’, a quirky ‘Moderation’ and ‘Pass It On’ – a lovely, simple, sweet. old school pop-soul ballad with a killer hook in the chorus.

Shameem launches her EP with a show in Perth on July 29th. People in the rest of the world can learn more @

Sounds So Beautiful – Shameem Taheri-Lee – Inspirational Songwriter From Australia

Got a nice write-up about my single I Love You, But from French blog Sounds So Beautiful. To check it out click on the image below.

BMA Magazine – Gig Reviews: Shameem, Cherie Kotek Lane

So I was surfing Google and I found this BMA Magazine review of my Canberra tour show by accident! What a nice surprise…

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”BMA review Canberra gig.png” type=”image” alt=”BMA review Canberra gig.png” ]

 At The Basement, Friday February 20

Been to The Basement lately? The venue’s makeover is gobsmacking, with the old décor, including the big spider, replaced by a flash look with autographed guitars and LPs on the walls. While still supporting metal fans, the venue now embraces a wider range of genres. Instead of bone crushing beats and ragged screams, tonight’s show engulfed us in a wave of funk.

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The Voice Magazine – Music review: The Second City

Very humbled by this glowing review from Canadian blog, The Voice Magazine!

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”The Voice Magazine (Toronto).png” type=”image” alt=”The Voice Magazine (Toronto).png” ]







It’s not often that I am instantly a fan of a musician. I typically need a few songs to decide whether or not I like them, and if I decide that I do it is usually because they do something different, use elements that I like, or are inspired by something more than pop culture.

With the first note that Shameem sang, I was instantly a fan. Not only is her voice soft and sultry, but her lyrics are full of truths, experiences, and wisdom. She even shares her inspiration for her songs on her website, which I absolutely loved.
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The Music – Album Reviews

Another album review, published in Australian streetpress The Music.

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Shameem’s 15-track album is fascinating Sunday arvo, lounge material.

Early numbers Beautiful Soul and It’s All Illusion emphasise the artist’s mannered rhythms and layered, sultry vocals. Hit single, Under One Sun’s catchy hooks and charming melody make for a highlight, while Other Half Of My Heart further softens the tempo. Give Me A Reason’s soothing love ballad vibe matches Chill In The Fire’s warm, eclectic harmonies. Expectation’s silky electric guitar riffs and I Give Thanks’ energetic beat shake up the album’s dulcet tones. It, though a few songs too many, comes out a textured and sexy compilation.

Xpress Magazine – New Noise (album review)

An album review from Xpress magazine.

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With a variety of background and influence behind her, Perth artist Shameem has continued on her mission to produce lyrically-strong music on her sophomore release, The Second City,whilst evolving her sound into a pop-friendly approach that is bubbly, uplifting and settling.
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Weekend Notes – Interview with Shameem

This is an awesome, humongous, fantastic write up from the popular blog Weekend Notes! It includes a cool live review of the Perth album launch show for The Second City.

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Wardrobe changes and wardrobe malfunctions have oft outshone music performances. If you sat back and thought of the key moments in pop history (who can forget Janet Jackson) no doubt Britney Spears, Madonna and perhaps even Alicia Keys might spring to mind. While these women move and shake their thang on a global scale, Perth soul songtress Shameem is keepin’ the wardrobe change alive and well on a local scale.
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That’s Entertainment (The Newcastle Post) – Putting her soul on line

Article published in The Newcastle Post.

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For Perth-based songstress Shameem, who has just released her stirring sophomore record Under One Sun after a relatively protracted period, the creative process is much like the miracle of childbirth.

“It’s such a relief to have the album out there and seeing it so well received,” Shameem told TE.
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