Love ‘Em – album review and Q&A


Some serious love for The Second City from music blog Love ‘Em! Also below is a Q&A that I did with them.

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This album blew me away. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my usual type of music, but Shameem is such a standout that I had to give it a try anyway! And I’m so glad I did. This soulful, enchanting collection, with a distinctive jazzy feel, Shameem hasn’t messed around with this one. The lyrics were amazing; I was so relaxed by this album that it took me way too long to write a review at all! Upcoming artists are my favourite, Shameem offers such an honest, refreshing album. Definitely give this one a chance!

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SoulandJazzandFunk – The Second City album review

Album review by the good people at SoulandJazzandFunk… see what they had to say!

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Shameem (Taheri-Lee) is an Australian singer/songwriter who, we’re told, reveres 70s soul which she re-channels in her own contemporary way. ‘The Second City’ is the Perth native’s second full album and even before its January release there’s quite a buzz on it on the back of the lead single ‘Beautiful Soul’. The Alicia Keys-flavoured tune won some high profile support and it stands out on the album. It features some tight beats and is built round an ultra catchy chorus.
‘Under One Sun’ is another album highlight…. pleasant pop soul with a thoughtful, socially conscious lyric. Indeed, throughout, Shameem lyrics comment on a lot more than the usual relationship thing. The album’s consistent lyrical theme is about the importance of giving thanks. The set features a number of brief sketches or interludes exhorting to us to give thanks for everything we have and that sentiment is summed up in the final outro.
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The West Australian – Shameem takes spirited approach

Got this amazing write up in The West Australian! Woohoo! Scroll down for full article.

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Music can change the world because it changes people. Local songstress Shameem Taheri-Lee hope hers does exactly that. Born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, the bubbly Perth vocalist and songwriter, who performs under her first name, enchants audiences with heartfelt personal stories and imbues her songs with a spiritual influence.
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“The Second City” – new album now available

Shameem_SecondCity_itunes_CoverImage_1600x1600Shameem has now released her eagerly anticipated sophomore album, The Second City. The Second City was co-produced by Shameem together with Rob Agostini (Rai Thistlethwaite, Tim & Jean) at Soundbaker Studios in Perth, the world’s most isolated capital city and Shameem’s hometown. Rich with soulful vocals and keys-driven works of art, the record offers insight in to Shameem’s inspiring passion for life, positivity, spirituality and general desire to assist in the betterment of the world via song and goodwill. It touches on a number of thought-provoking themes over the generously loaded 15 tracks: the overcoming of prejudice, broken trust and forgiveness, thankfulness, and gratitude in the face of difficulties.

The album includes the singles “Beautiful Soul“, which was awarded 4th place in the Australian Songwriting Contest Contemporary Pop/ Dance category, and “Under One Sun“, which was co-written with Grammy-winning producer James Bryan (Nelly Furtado, Olly Murs, James Morrison). While remaining true to Shameem’s roots in neo-soul, this album also shows the mixed-race artist paying homage to her Iranian heritage as well as exploring styles as diverse as reggae and rock.

The Second City is available for purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp. To find out more behind the story of The Second City, you can check out a trailer for the album, or read Shameem’s explanations of the inspiration behind the lyrics.

“The Second City” album trailer

A little snapshot of my musical journey at the time of releasing my sophomore album “The Second City”. Produced by Red Bird Creative.

I Give Thanks – inspiration

The lyrics for “I Give Thanks” are here.

This song, as uplifting as it sounds, was written at quite a dark time in my life. My parents’ marriage was breaking down, my mother who had been suffering with Parkinson’s Disease for several years was worsening in her condition and becoming more dependent on me, and I was worried about the well-being of my younger siblings who were caught up in it all. Many of my friends were having challenges with mental health, and there were few people with whom I felt that I could share my feelings with. I felt that I was losing several things that I held the most dear to me, all at once. Somehow though, during this turbulent time, I stumbled upon a sense of clarity: I still had so many, many things to be thankful for. Often we fail to notice the little things, everyday, that are in fact extraordinary blessings that we take for granted. I’m trying to get better at practising the art of gratitude, every day.

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I Give Thanks – lyrics

I Give Thanks

I give thanks for the morning sunrise
I give thanks for the clouds of rain
I give thanks for the joy and peace in life
I give thanks for the times of pain
I give thanks for the green grass that grows
I give thanks for nectarines and mangoes
I give thanks for all the people who’ve crossed my path
I give thanks to all the people who’ve touched my heart
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The Second City photoshoot

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Photos taken by Katey Manuchehri. Make-up by Michael Ivory; hair by Kelly at Shendals Signature Salon. Dress created by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous.

Expectation – inspiration

The lyrics for “Expectation” are here. I love to write songs about things that people have in common. My theory is that, the more that we see that we are similar to each other, the easier it will be to break down the stifling barriers of prejudice and indifference. The traditions of every people, culture and religion on the earth include a promise of a time when this world of suffering, conflict and destruction shall end, and peace shall reign forevermore. Many of these traditions include the promise of a special spiritual Being, who is often the return of a spiritual Teacher who has already lived, sent to earth who will bring about this time of peace. It is interesting to me that people of so many different cultural and religious backgrounds, who so often find it hard to get along with each other, should share this common concept of a future peaceful world, with many parallels in the story of how this peace will come about. [pe2-image src=”×768-world-wallpaper.jpg” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”aurora-borealis-over-hammerfest-1366×768-world-wallpaper.jpg” ]





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Expectation – lyrics


Watching time fly away
Ages pass in one way

[Instrumental interlude]

Expectation, expectation
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