ABC Radio National – The Baha’i soul of Australian singer Shameem

I did a really enjoyable interview with Geoff Wood on ABC Radio National’s The Rhythm Divine, talking about the spiritual inspiration behind my music and lyrics. Here’s a little except from the program, which you can download in full here.

Geoff posted a neat little blurb about the show before it was aired, and did this beautiful write up afterwards that was featured on the ABC home page for a few hours.

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It reads like a film script—struggling musician posts demos online and gets interest from a Grammy-winning producer who offers to co-write her new single—but it’s what happened to young Perth-based Baha’i singer-songwriter Shameem, writes Geoff Wood.

‘It shows that MySpace isn’t completely dead,’ says Shameem, laughing as she recalls the day a Grammy-winning producer turned her life upside down.

‘I got this message on MySpace from James Bryan and I hadn’t heard of him. He’d actually found some demos that I’d done. He said, “I really love your voice and do you write your own music?”
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Northern Star – Shameem’s sun has light for everyone

I had a nice deep-and-meaningful with Javier Encalada from Byron Bay’s Northern Star newspaper.

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SINGER songwriter Shameem has released a new album, Second City.

The Western Australian’s music is an eclectic mix of jazz, blues and socially conscious lyrics.

“One of the overall themes that run through my songs is my desire to tell people to become more socially conscious,” she said.
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LinkAdelaide – Fringe 2015: Shameem’s Under One Sun

I did an interview with LinkAdelaide in the lead up to my tour show at Adelaide Fringe; you can check out the podcast here.

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Soulful Perth singer songwriter Shameem is my guest as she embarks on a national tour to promote her fantastic new album The Second City. With the debut single Under One Sun included within, this chat focuses on inspiration and Shameem’s style, ahead of her visit to Adelaide to close the tour at the Royal Croquet Club during 2015’s Adelaide Fringe.

Scenestr – Finding Your Soul With Shameem

Had a really nice chat with Scenestr magazine, here’s the piece…

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Last Friday, Perth soul songstress Shameem released her new album, ‘The Second City’.

After a successful launch at the weekend at the Subiaco Arts Centre in Perth, Shameem will soon be packing her bags for an extensive east coast trip. But before she hits the open road, we managed to corner her with the following Q&A.

Your first single of your new album ‘The Second City’ entitled ‘Under One Sun’ is about spreading the spiritual message about how we all descended from the same gene pool. How did this song come into being?
Well, I was invited by James Bryan, who is an awesome producer and has worked with Nelly Furtado and James Morrison among others, to go to the UK where he is based and do some songwriting with him. He had come across my music by discovering some demos that I had put up on MySpace, of all places! So I travelled to the UK and spent a couple of days in his studio co-writing with him. ‘Under One Sun’ is the first song that we wrote together. I had already come up with the concept for the chorus, and together we refined it and fleshed out the rest of the song. He was really behind the message of the song too, so it came out really naturally.
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Australian Musician – Shameem: vocals

For the musicians and the music geeks, here’s a Q&A I did with Australian Musician.

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Perth based soulstress Shameem is preparing for a huge 2015, which includes the release of her sophomore album The Second City in January. With a nod and a wink to soul, RnB superstars such as Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and Lauryn Hill, Shammem’s brand of soul/pop is both joyous and contagious. Shameem sat down for a quick Q&A with Australian Musician

What was your first gig?
Paid or not paid? Haha. First time singing solo onstage was at the age of 6 singing “Lavender’s Blue” at a school assembly, backed up by the upper primary choir. Can’t remember what my first paid gig was; I think I might have been in my first year at uni, depping for a friend in a soul/ funk covers band.
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iZRA – Shameem

iZRA is an online magazine for kids ages 10+, and here’s a Q&A that I did with them.

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Socially conscious Perth soul songstress, Shameem has announced the release of her new single, Under One Sun and new album, The Second City set for release on January 16. Here she chats with us about the writing process and her creative collaboration.

1. What was it like working with Grammy-winning UK-based producer, James Bryan, (Nelly Furtado, Olly Murs, James Morrison), to co-write this single?: Well, it was my first big co-writing experience, so it was a really different approach to be bouncing ideas with someone else instead of just bouncing ideas around in my own head. I learnt a lot from working with James; he had a very clear idea about what things would work and what wouldn’t work in a song, so I would fire ideas at him and he would be like “yes… no… hmmm, try that again, but with a different lyric?” and really channel the direction of my creativity.
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Sydney Morning Herald Online – Soul singer Shameem brings worldly, unique voice to entertain

So chuffed about this fantastic article in the Sydney Morning Herald online. The same article was also published in The Canberra Times and The Brisbane Times.

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Born and bred in Perth to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, Shameem’s voice is as unique and worldly as her upbringing.

“My first memory of music is Michael Jackson,” she says through a chuckle. “My mum really liked him, she has a love for pop music. Also I have memories of my grandmother chanting prayers around the house.”
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The Music – Shining Bright

Article featured in issues of The Music across Australia.

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Perth artist Shameem found herself mastering her craft around the world and the musical partnerships on her new record come from the most weird and wonderful places. She talks to Jane Sutton.
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Xpress Magazine – SHAMEEM City Lights

Check out this article with Perth’s reputable Xpress Magazine!

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After making a splash in 2011 with her debut self-titled EP, West Australian artist, Shameem, is back with The Second City, another round of R&B tracks set to send a message. AARON BRYANS reports ahead of her performance this Saturday, January 17, at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Combining ’90s R&B with elements of jazz and soul, local artist and composer Shameem has taken a positive approach to her musical journey, absorbing any experience along the way to evolve her music into a style that she is not only proud of but can be recognised and appreciated for.

However when it comes to song writing, Shameem values lyrical expression equal to its musical accompaniments.
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“The Second City” Australian Tour

To celebrate the release of her new album “The Second City”, Shameem’s full band is undertaking a national Australian tour in late February/ early March, spanning 9 shows in 7 cities over 11 days! All the details for the shows, including ticket links, are here, barring one surprise solo show which will be announced on Facebook and Twitter during the tour itself.