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Thanks to the music blog Discovery the Music for the little feature!

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Live review by The First Fat Girl in Paris

Very stoked about this glowing review of recent my solo performance at Song Lounge from Perth blogger Kate Juliana on her blog The First Fat Girl in Paris. I’m especially chuffed by her comments, as she’s a (former) classically trained orchestral bassoonist! “It has taken me over twelve hours to recover from the ‘WOW’ of Shameem’s performance last night at the Ellington. This is why.”

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Little mentions in Brazil and France

So I got a cool mention on a blog from Brazil, of all places!! “Novo single da bela e ótima cantora australiana Shameem. VEJA O VÍDEO.” So funny to see my song featured on the same page as Michael Jackson, John Legend and Robin Thicke… I’m feeling very chuffed!

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I’m also very excited to have been included on the playlist of Parisian DJ, DJ JP Mano, at

SoulBounce blog review

Yay! The sweet folks at SoulBounce have posted a great review of “Beautiful Soul” by the writer Kitten Jam, who has also posted the article on her own blog. “The powerful message is set to a classic R&B styling with a catchy hook and filled out with a live band feel, a refreshing change from the electronic sound that’s prevalent in R&B nowadays.”

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SoulandJazzandFunk blog review

Really stoked about this awesome review from UK blog SoulandJazzandFunk! “… an ear-worm of a chorus” – woot!

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SoundShaker blog feature

Check out this great post from French music blogger SoundShaker! “Listening to this promising track, we can have high expectation regarding her next album, which I can’t wait to hear.”

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Touring Oz

Sound check at El Rocco, Sydney

Four days, four shows, four cities in four states. Sound like a mad mad mad mad schedule to you? It was! Let’s dispel the myth now: touring is not like going on a holiday where you happen to rock up to a club some evenings and play a show. It’s hard, grinding work… great fun, but tough!
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Looking forward, looking back…

Looking ahead?

So, in case you don’t know, I’m one of those people who’s always trying to think ahead. What will I be doing after I’ve finished doing what I’m doing right now? What will I be doing tomorrow? The day after? Next week? Next month? Next year? Where will I be? How will I get there? What if there’s something I can do right now which will make it better once I get there???!!
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“The Soothing Melody of Shameem Taheri-Lee” – Heartbeat blog article 30/11/11

A shimmering wave of beautiful jazz music entices the lucky ears of civilians down under in Australia. This lovely wave  has traveled into my ears delightfully sending my whole aura into a state of sheer euphoria. The music comes from Shameem Taheri-Lee, an artist who protrudes an essence of chill vibes from her light and smooth voice. A mixed array of emotions arise from her song “Sleeper on the Night Train.” It pulls my senses to full attention with its enchanting piano and guitar playing. The tune embodies a message of choosing one’s own destiny instead of just waiting for it to choose you. Her voice slowly flows through the chorus like a gentle river rocking a boat on a calm night. This song is so soothing to the ears that I could almost imagine singing it to my future children when I put them to bed one day. The tranquility of her voice could rock a sweet child to sleep and help them dream of courageous ventures because of the ambitious words of her charming melody.

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