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An album review from Xpress magazine.

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With a variety of background and influence behind her, Perth artist Shameem has continued on her mission to produce lyrically-strong music on her sophomore release, The Second City,whilst evolving her sound into a pop-friendly approach that is bubbly, uplifting and settling.

Fusing R&B grooves with some jazz elements and a powerful and unlimited voice, Shameem has composed a list of tracks that flow smoothly despite the occasional interlude interruption. Opening track, Beautiful Soul, is immediately catchy with light piano fills and a solid drum beat. It’s the combination of well-placed minor layers that lead to the bigger picture and Shameem has worked them together perfectly to build to a strong chorus highlighted by her soaring vocals and a well executed message.

Other memorable moments include the gospel harmonies within Under One Sun which was written in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer James Bryan (Nelly Furtado, Olly Murs, James Morrison) and Other Half Of My Heart, which features Astrid Ripepi, is also a high point sticking to a slower pace with a comforting and driving vocal duet.

3 stars


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