Xpress Magazine – New Noise (album review)

An album review from Xpress magazine.

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With a variety of background and influence behind her, Perth artist Shameem has continued on her mission to produce lyrically-strong music on her sophomore release, The Second City,whilst evolving her sound into a pop-friendly approach that is bubbly, uplifting and settling.
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Xpress Magazine – SHAMEEM City Lights

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After making a splash in 2011 with her debut self-titled EP, West Australian artist, Shameem, is back with The Second City, another round of R&B tracks set to send a message. AARON BRYANS reports ahead of her performance this Saturday, January 17, at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Combining ’90s R&B with elements of jazz and soul, local artist and composer Shameem has taken a positive approach to her musical journey, absorbing any experience along the way to evolve her music into a style that she is not only proud of but can be recognised and appreciated for.

However when it comes to song writing, Shameem values lyrical expression equal to its musical accompaniments.
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