Under One Sun – live at The Ellington

Under One Sun, live at the Time Does Not Reverse EP launch show at The Ellington Jazz Club.

“Under One Sun”, live at The Ellington Jazz Club

Under One Sun” (from the album The Second City), performed live at The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth in October 2015. Guitar solo by Dom Barrett; filmed by Mark Turner.

A huge 2015

It’s been a busy and exciting 2015 for Shameem. In the span of one year she has:

  • Released her sophomore album The Second City. The album and its singles (Beautiful Soul and Under One Sun) have garnered some great press coverage and reviews
  • Received airplay on over 80 Australian community/ ABC radio stations and 130 USA college radio stations, and charted in the Top 30 at 6 USA stations, including two Top 5 positions
  • Toured the Australian east coast twice – once with her band and once solo – each time performing 9 shows in 7 cities/ towns

Shameem is currently back in Perth, focussing on writing some new material in her home studio. She will be announcing her next tours in early 2016.

Under One Sun with a full choir!

Here’s a tiny snippet of me rehearsing “Under One Sun” with the New Era Baha’i Choir… I was a guest artist for a show that they put on in honour of their late founder and conductor (and a good friend of mine), Greg Parker, and we performed this song together at that concert. I get goosebumps whenever we sing it through, because of all the vibrations of so many voices singing in four-part harmony coming at me from behind… it’s pure awesomeness.

Independent Music Awards


Shameem’s song “Under One Sun” has been nominated in the international Independent Music Awards, in the “Sing Out For Social Action” category.  With “Back to the Ground” being nominated in the R&B/ Soul Song category in 2013, this is Shameem’s second nomination in the Independent Music Awards.

The awards are judged by a stellar array of judges including Sharon Jones, Amanda Palmer, Raul Midón, Jane Monheit and Meshell Ndegeocello to name but a few. There is also a people’s choice section, known as the IMA Vox Pop. You can vote for “Under One Sun” to win it’s category in the people’s choice section here.

Under One Sun links

Just want to give a shout to blogs Back to Black, Baha’i Media and Read The Spirit for linking their readers to the Under One Sun video clip – thanks for the support!

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Echo – Under One Sun

A nice little Q&A from Byron Bay’s Echo.

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With a strong soul influence and a unique jazz sensibility, and peddling an important message, Under One Sun (her latest single release) is a catchy soul pop number that will leave you singing the heartfelt lyrics long after song’s end. Touching on how humanity has a common root, the chorus sees Shameem sing, ‘everyone’s dreaming under one sun’.

What does it mean to you to be a ‘socially conscious’ artist?
It means to use music and lyrics to raise people’s awareness of social issues, and to encourage them to engage in meaningful actions that can improve the state of their community.

What are the issues that you are most passionate about?
I’m very passionate about unity and the overcoming of prejudice, as I feel that disunity is the root cause behind most of the problems that we face in the world today. I’m also quite passionate about the education of children and young people, as they hold the keys to the future of the world; they will shape what the world will become.
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That’s Entertainment (The Newcastle Post) – Putting her soul on line

Article published in The Newcastle Post.

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For Perth-based songstress Shameem, who has just released her stirring sophomore record Under One Sun after a relatively protracted period, the creative process is much like the miracle of childbirth.

“It’s such a relief to have the album out there and seeing it so well received,” Shameem told TE.
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Red Sky Music – ‘Summer Series #1’

Thanks to Red Sky Music for featuring the “Under One Sun” video on their program! Check it out here.

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Northern Star – Shameem’s sun has light for everyone

I had a nice deep-and-meaningful with Javier Encalada from Byron Bay’s Northern Star newspaper.

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SINGER songwriter Shameem has released a new album, Second City.

The Western Australian’s music is an eclectic mix of jazz, blues and socially conscious lyrics.

“One of the overall themes that run through my songs is my desire to tell people to become more socially conscious,” she said.
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