“Keep ‘Em Shameem” – Drum Media article 17/11/11

Local songstress Shameem Taheri-Lee and her band launch their debut LP this weekend, and Jackson Best finds out the goss.

You first caught people’s ears with the Universe for Afternoon Tea EP back in 2009. What’s been happening since Afternoon Tea? Playing lots of shows, and writing lots of songs! Earlier this year we did a big WA tour, which was challenging and exciting for the band. I also did a songwriting trip to London mid-year and scoped out the music scene while I was there, and played a few gigs too.
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“Shameem Taheri-Lee: Hey Soul Sister” – Xpress article 16/11/11

Perth singer-songwriter Shameem Taheri-Lee is set to release her debut album this Saturday, November 19, at the Hyde Park Hotel. Shameem took her band to Soundbaker Studios to lay down 10 tracks of smooth soul-funk and R&B, an exciting follow up to her 2009 EP Universe for Afternoon Tea. PATRICK MARLBOROUGH chatted to Shameem about the album, her upcoming shows, and where her music fits in the Perth scene.

Born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, Shameem Taheri-Lee is an expressive musician who has been wowing crowds with her soulful voice. Over the phone, she is as infectious and calming as her music. She begins discussing the recording process of her new album.
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Back to The Ground – inspiration

The lyrics for “Back to The Ground” are here.

I wrote this song while in London, in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer James Bryan and song writer Nick Whitecross, who was a member of British 80’s dance/ synth band Kissing the Pink. We initially intended to write a house track, but in the end we felt that the melody works better with a more medium-tempo groove.

This song is the story of my life, and could be yours too – living the busy-busy-busy 21st century lifestyle, and wishing that you could somehow untangle yourself and have a little break!

London trip

In late May/ early June, I braved the 24 hours of travel to the city of red buses and phoneboxes. My purpose: songwriting, gigging, jamming, networking, learning, scouting. The perks: fun, friends and shopping.

Songwriting: this was the real stimulus for the trip. I’d been invited by James Bryan (who produced Nelly Furtado’s recent #1 album, “Mi Plan”) to do some co-writing with him. I spent 3 sessions with him at Kensaltown studios, during which time we wrote 2 songs… one gospel-ish number about world unity, and one more groovy neo-soul tune about the stress of the 21st century lifestyle. 
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