Radio interview Port Stephens FM (NSW)

Interview on Port Stephens FM (NSW) with Konrad.

[audio: Interview (Port Stephen’s FM) 2012.mp3]

In creative gear… my songwriting process

Hiya! Want to know how I go about writing a song? Check out this video, where I share my songwriting process by walking through one of my works-in-progress… an incomplete song called “Hole In My Heart”.

Supporting Belinda

If you thought only catching 30 seconds of Ronan Keating in person was something, wait till you hear this…

I rocked up at the Astor Theatre at 5:30pm on the day of Belinda Carlisle’s show for a soundcheck. Her band (mainly comprised of Aussie session musicians who had been doing the Australian leg of her tour with her) was still on the stage, pumping out grand and luscious 80s sounds, but the lady herself was nowhere in sight. They rehearsed a few tunes, tweaked a few levels and then hung out on the stage chatting. Sometime a little after 6, Belinda slipped inconspicuously onstage and did two partial run-throughs of different songs with the band. Then, again she disappeared – apparently back to her hotel.
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Fuse Festival – performance at Casablabla

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All photos taken by Marjorie Rose Butler. See  more of Marjorie’s photos online.

Opening for Ronan

Horrid hair!!

Trying a new hairstyle 30 minutes before you have to leave the house for an important show is NOT a good idea. I’d recently purchased a hair curler and was super-keen to give it a go, but prolonged frustration in front of the bathroom mirror trying to make it look right saw me driving in a frenzy through the winding roads of Kings Park, navigating road blocks and security checks to get myself backstage just in the nick of time for a soundcheck… only to realise as I gazed at myself in the dressing room mirror, after said soundcheck, that however inadequate the the hairdo was looking when I left the house, a light sweat and ruffling in the wind in my hasty journey had rendered it completely oomph-less.
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Looking forward, looking back…

Looking ahead?

So, in case you don’t know, I’m one of those people who’s always trying to think ahead. What will I be doing after I’ve finished doing what I’m doing right now? What will I be doing tomorrow? The day after? Next week? Next month? Next year? Where will I be? How will I get there? What if there’s something I can do right now which will make it better once I get there???!!
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Album Recording