A ritzy occasion…

I do not envy models. Gosh, they live such a stressful life! But depsite being far shorter than the desirable model-height, and having a scarlet birthmark splashed conspiciously across my face, I found myself donning those precariously high-heeled shoes at the official VIP opening party of the Claremont Quarter fashion precinct.

Why? Because I was the evening’s entertainment, on stage and therefore on display… I was to “model” some of the fashions available at this new shopping mecca. Even though I’m a bit of a hippie and didn’t even have professional make-up done for my own wedding, I was really looking forward to the excitement and glamour of this gig… little did I know what it demanded. Catapulted straight from my soundcheck into makeup, and from there into hair, I entered the dressing room with calls of “You must be onstage in 5 minutes!” ringing in my ears, only to have the girl dressing me ask me to take my bra off, in full view of my band members who were lurking in the back of the room. Apparently this is routine in the modelling world. I should mention that she did a double-take, remembering that I am not a model, and courteously allowed me to cover myself as I stripped off 😛

“They told me you’re a size 6.”
“‘A’ cup?”
“Uh… no… bigger…”
“But you’re a size 6!”
“Yes… but…”

So my cleavage was tightly taped into the tiny dress, and teering dangerously in the most painful heels I have ever worn in my life, my arms firmly locked to my sides lest I pop out of the frock, I presented myself to the celebrity-studded crowd. Didn’t feel to glam about now! 😉

After the first set, I was marched back to the dressing room and taped into dress #2. Fortunately, this one was a much better fit, and I was allowed to abandon the nightmare heels for a more foot-friendly pair. I hadn’t eaten for hours at this point… I remember asking one of the models there if I could have a couple of her jelly lollies, just to get some sugar in my system! It was the second gig I’ve had where there were free oysters going, and I didn’t get a chance to touch them 🙁 Gee, I’m spoilt… I should count myself lucky that I’ve had gigs with free oysters in the first place…

Something I’ve noticed is that in this new world that I was experiencing, the common greeting is “You look gorgeous.” I didn’t quite get a hang of this! The only person who stood out differently was supermodel Jessica Gomes (I had no idea who she was; looked her up the next day), who was very down-to-earth as she complimented the music and engaged me in discussing how much talent there is in Perth.

The rest of the night was a blur. I don’t remember much about the music… it was good, I’m pretty sure. I remember that I was very happy with the band. It must have been good 🙂 An amazing experience to remember, overall…

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