Under One Sun with a full choir!

Here’s a tiny snippet of me rehearsing “Under One Sun” with the New Era Baha’i Choir… I was a guest artist for a show that they put on in honour of their late founder and conductor (and a good friend of mine), Greg Parker, and we performed this song together at that concert. I get goosebumps whenever we sing it through, because of all the vibrations of so many voices singing in four-part harmony coming at me from behind… it’s pure awesomeness.

“Strawberry”, live at Canadian Music Week 2015

Live footage from our performance at Canadian Music Week 2015; thank you so much Tony for the footage! This is us performing “Strawberry”; after the second chorus it’s a bit hard to see the band because everyone got up and danced in front of the camera, but I think that adds to the charm of this video. One thing I’ve learnt about Canadians is that they like to holler and egg you on during a scat solo, hehe…

“Beautiful Soul” – live at Subiaco Arts Centre

Performing “Beautiful Soul” at The Second City Album Launch in Perth, at Subiaco Arts Centre. This performance features Lisa & Chido from The Dance Workshop/ Exzempt Dance.

“Strawberry” – live at Subiaco Arts Centre

Performing a jazzed up arrangement of “Strawberry”, live at The Second City Album Launch in Perth, at Subiaco Arts Centre.

Red Sky Music – ‘Summer Series #1’

Thanks to Red Sky Music for featuring the “Under One Sun” video on their program! Check it out here.

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Live in “The Kitchen”, Radio Fremantle

Here’s a little video of me performing a cover of “What’s Up” by the 4 Non Blondes live on “The Kitchen” at Radio Fremantle last week.

“Under One Sun” music video: the art

So, you’re probably wondering: is everything in Shameem’s “Under One Sun” video really made of paper? How did they make such big paper trees and buildings? And what about that painting right at the end of the video?

Some time ago, I came across the work of paper cut artist Renee Farrant, who lives in Albany (about 5 hours drive south of Perth in Western Australia). All of her work is created by cutting paper into shape to create delicate and intricate pieces of art. She creates such pretty and fine little things that I’ve always marvelled at how long it must take her to do one piece!

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Brand new single – Under One Sun

Shameem_UnderOneSun_single_cover_higresShameem is stoked to announce the release of her brand new single “Under One Sun”! “Under One Sun” is now available for purchase on iTunes. The track was co-written with and produced by Grammy-winning UK-based producer James Bryan, who has worked with such artists as Nelly Furtado, Olly Murs and James Morrison.

Ever true to Shameem’s mission to encourage social and spiritual consciousness, the lyrics of the song carry an important message of unity. The track has a bright, soul-pop feel, with a hint at the soulful grooves of Stevie Wonder and the rich harmonies of D’Angelo.

The captivating video, in which EVERYTHING is made of paper, was produced by up and coming Perth director Jason Eshraghian. It was created in collaboration with Western Australian artists Renee Farrant, who created all the paper objects in the video including Shameem’s outfit, and Phil Doncon, who created the painting that is featured in the video’s narrative.


Under One Sun (full video)

Shameem_UnderOneSun_single_cover_higresPurchase Under One Sun on iTunes.

Produced by Jason Eshraghian. Paper art and dress created by Renee Farrant. Painting by Phil Doncon. Makeup by Michaela Ivory; hair by Kendal at Shendals Signature Salon.

“Beautiful Soul” live on The Couch

Footage from our performance on Foxtel Aurora’s The Couch. Dom & I performing “Beautiful Soul” live on set!