New track – collaboration with Colby Jeffers

New inspirational track, “Gladden Our Hearts“: a collaboration with USA rapper Colby Jeffers.  A prayer for peace and unity, hip hop style!

This track is something a bit different for me… while I have always written from the heart and much of my lyrics are inspired by concepts found in the Baha’i Writings, this is the first time I’m releasing a track which is basically a prayer in hip hop form 😁 It’s a cry out for peace in a dark world; a plea for joy in a world full of sorrow.

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Undertones – live at The Ellington

Moderation, live at the Time Does Not Reverse EP launch show at The Ellington Jazz Club, featuring rapper MACSHANE.

Freestyle jamming at Colab, Perth

Whenever I can, I get myself down to the monthly Colab jam session… on a Sunday night at the Moon Café, Perth MCs take turns getting up and doing fully improvised freestyling, with a live band providing the grooves. Here’s a little sample of the last song at night’s session, with yours truly on the vocals.