New track – collaboration with Colby Jeffers

New inspirational track, “Gladden Our Hearts“: a collaboration with USA rapper Colby Jeffers.  A prayer for peace and unity, hip hop style!

This track is something a bit different for me… while I have always written from the heart and much of my lyrics are inspired by concepts found in the Baha’i Writings, this is the first time I’m releasing a track which is basically a prayer in hip hop form 😁 It’s a cry out for peace in a dark world; a plea for joy in a world full of sorrow.

Now, a word about our use of the “G-word”. I’ve shied away from it in my releases, and there’s a good reason why. This song begins with the line, “O Thou kind father God”, and I want you to know what I mean when I sing that. I’m not singing to a white man in the sky, or a man figure at all for that matter. I’m singing to a mysterious and incomprehensible, infinite and wonderful Being, the Generating Power behind the birth and evolution of the universe, the Source of my soul and the soul of every living thing, Who is far beyond any human description and cannot be perceived with physical senses; pure truth and love and unity. This Being is not limited to any group of people nor any religion for that matter; It encompasses all. I’m calling out to that Being to bring peace to the contending peoples of the earth, and true happiness to every heart. The title “father God” is but a term in human words, descriptive yet completely inefficient to give a name to that Being.

Anyways, even if you’re not into prayer/ God/ etc. I hope that you will vibe with this song, as it is my manifesting my deepest wish to the world. Big love to Colby Jeffers for reaching out and getting us to do this! Love his work and am so happy with how this track has turned out.

Stream it on your preferred platform here.