“Time Does Not Reverse” EP launch show

Time Does Not Reverse photoshoot

Photography by Mary Parker, makeup by Suzanah Soffian HMUA, hair by Candise at Shendals Signature Salon.

Queensland Solo Tour

Some snaps from my solo tour, which included shows at The Loft, Gold Coast, and at Maleny Music Festival in Sunshine Coast.

The Second City photoshoot

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Photos taken by Katey Manuchehri. Make-up by Michael Ivory; hair by Kelly at Shendals Signature Salon. Dress created by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous.

Beautiful Soul launch at The Ellington

I really like this awesome snap taken by Tonny, who was in the audience at our show when we launched the single “Beautiful Soul” at The Ellington Jazz Club. The photo really shows off the awesome dress made by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous and the graffiti design by Aggie Ampersand. Thanks Tonny for the photo!

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Band performance at the Ellington Jazz Club (Perth) to launch the single “Beautiful Soul”” type=”image” alt=”2014-06-27 Ellington.jpg” ]

Beautiful Soul shoot

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Photos taken by Red Bird Creative and edited by Angelyne Wolfe. Make-up by Gail Wilton; hair by Sharryn Sinclair. Dress created by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous and Aggie Ampersand.

Looking after Michael Buble’s VIPs

So I had a really cool gig last weekend: two nights of performing for the VIP ticketholders to Michael Bublé’s shows at Perth Arena! Basically I did one solo set on keyboard each night in a little exclusive room while the VIP ticketholders enjoyed some finger food and wine. Despite it being set up like a private function (where the musician is essentially providing background music), I still got some applause, which was nice! Unfortunately it wasn’t a support gig (Bublé likes to tour with Naturally 7, and let’s face it – who can compete with them?), so I didn’t get the perks of backstage access and being able to watch the man perform. But it was a fun gig and I liked the feeling that he was in the building, not too far away. [pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_3115.JPG” ][/pe2-gallery]












Incidentally, on the second night I happened to share an elevator with Freo footballer Matt Pavlich. The guy had very nice manners, letting me go before him despite running a bit late for the show. He did look at me with curiosity though, when he got out at the top floor and noticed that I wasn’t getting out of the lift… he didn’t realise I was heading to the basement to load out my gear. Ah, the glamour of being a musician!

Tunesmith’s Cafe

So every couple of months on a Thursday evening I pack my keyboard into my car and head to Tunesmith’s Cafe, to get my Open Mic Night on. I’ve never really been into doing Open Mic Night gigs, and I’m definitely past the point in my career where I need to do them to get my music and name out there. But there’s something about this ongoing event that I really enjoy, and feel it’s important to support it. The three blokes who run the show (Mike, Makk and Bobby) are so dedicated to it and have a really genuine desire to provide a platform for local singer-songwriters to get performance experience. They go lengths to make it a worthwhile experience, recording the audio of each performance for the artist, taking photos and handing out “audience feedback sheets” which they then collect up and give to the performer. They’re a humorous and friendly bunch, and have created something of a small community around what they do. Here’s some snaps from my recent appearance at Tunies, with these lovely fellas. You never did meet nicer people! [pe2-gallery album=”” ]

The Ellington: my home turf

Here are some snaps from our recent show at our favourite Perth venue, The Ellington Jazz Club. I must say, I do think that it’s the best show we’ve ever performed there… the band was really vibing that night, and the audience response was just amazing. I’m glad that a couple of attendees took some snaps to save the memories! [pe2-gallery album=”” ]


More shots from the studio

After a few weeks of sessions at Soundbaker Studios spent programming beats, recording the band and then recording and compiling vocals, we got my guitarist Dom back in the studio to put down a few more guitar layers and asked Alix and Laura from Mill Point Quartet to come in and record their lovely strings! Alix plays both violin AND viola, serious skills…

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