“Just A Show” (solo), live at The Ellington

This song is going to be on my forthcoming EP… “Just A Show” is an exploration of the darker side of the entertainment industry. This solo version is from at Song Lounge presented by North Street Music back in September 2016; filmed by Mark Turner.

Hyde Park Hotel December 2016

First time we’ve played The Hydey in 5 years! Some action shots taken by the sound guy on my phone, of our super-interactive gig.

Hyde Park Hotel December 2016

Chris Sebastian support

Some snaps from the support gig that I did for Chris Sebastian on his Runaway tour, at Downstairs at The Maj.

Chris Sebastian support gig November 2016

My two cents on US election 2016

Me having a rant… I’ve been quiet on the US election front, because I think it’s important to ponder an idea carefully before shooting off an ill-thought out opinion about it. Anyway, after a bit of reflection, here’s my two cents worth, or at least as much of it as I could distill into 90 sec.

Under One Sun – live on Telethon

I recently got up in the dead of the morning to perform live and naked (read: clothed, but with no band and no keyboard – argh!) on Channel 7’s Telethon. Here’s a video of my performance:

… and here’s a little snap of my sleepy face backstage, right before I went on:


Queensland Solo Tour

Some snaps from my solo tour, which included shows at The Loft, Gold Coast, and at Maleny Music Festival in Sunshine Coast.

“Boy” – live at The Loft, Gold Coast

A little bootleg video taken by an audience member during my recent Queensland solo tour. Here’s “Boy”, performed solo at The Loft, Gold Coast. Thank you Lou for sharing this video!

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (cover), live at The Ellington

Cover song! Here’s a bootleg video of my band doing a mashup of the classic “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Just Friends” by Musiq Soulchild at The Ellington Jazz Club. This arrangement was originally by our friend, Perth soul outfit The Accumulated Gestures.

Side project: telling my mum’s story

I recently started a blog that has nothing to do with my music, but a lot to do with my journey. It’s about my mother’s journey with Parkinson’s Disease and my journey as her primary carer, a role I’ve been playing for the last four and a half years. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think…


Mum’s scars

My mother’s body is covered with scars. Big, nasty scars; small, benign-looking scars; everything in between. I know this because I have to help her to dress and undress; she usually can’t do that by herself unless she’s having a really, exceptionally good day.

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April gigs at The Vines

Some snaps from two gigs that I did in April at The Vines Resort and Country Club on the outskirts of Perth. Such a lovely grand piano!

The Vines April 2016