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“Just A Show” (solo), live at The Ellington

This song is going to be on my forthcoming EP… “Just A Show” is an exploration of the darker side of the entertainment industry. This solo version is from at Song Lounge presented by North Street Music back in September 2016; filmed by Mark Turner.

My two cents on US election 2016

Me having a rant… I’ve been quiet on the US election front, because I think it’s important to ponder an idea carefully before shooting off an ill-thought out opinion about it. Anyway, after a bit of reflection, here’s my two cents worth, or at least as much of it as I could distill into 90 […]

Next show at The Ellington

Shameem will be performing at her favourite hometown venue, The Ellington Jazz Club, on Sunday 8 January. An early evening show starting at 6:00pm, it’s a good occasion to cool off on a hot summer’s day with The Ellington’s tapas menu, while enjoying the smooth grooves of Shameem’s full live band. They will be playing […]

Under One Sun – live on Telethon

I recently got up in the dead of the morning to perform live and naked (read: clothed, but with no band and no keyboard – argh!) on Channel 7’s Telethon. Here’s a video of my performance: … and here’s a little snap of my sleepy face backstage, right before I went on:

Side project: telling my mum’s story

I recently started a blog that has nothing to do with my music, but a lot to do with my journey. It’s about my mother’s journey with Parkinson’s Disease and my journey as her primary carer, a role I’ve been playing for the last four and a half years. Feel free to check it out […]