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New EP “Time Does Not Reverse”

Shameem has announced the release of her new EP and fourth studio recording, Time Does Not Reverse. Time Does Not Reverse was recorded and co-produced with Rob Agostini (Rai Thistlethwaite, Tim & Jean) at Soundbaker Studios in Perth. A multi-skilled musician, Shameem wrote and co-produced the EP’s four tracks, playing keyboards and contributing to the […]

Just a Show – inspiration

The lyrics for “Just a Show” are here. I love being a performer; I love playing music for a living. I love that every day my job is different to the day before: no two gigs are ever the same. The venue will be different, the audience will be different, the weather and mood will […]

Just a Show – lyrics

Columns and posters of glamour Bright neon lights from the fast food chain Glittering eyelids, luxurious lashes Here we go again High heels precariously perching Ripped off with relief when the night is done The feathers, the finery, fantastic fiasco The battle’s lost and won Chorus: It’s just a show Give them what they came […]

Pass It On – inspiration

The lyrics for “Pass It On” are here. My uncle King Toh was the initial catalyst behind this song. He very generously donated to a crowdfunding campaign for my last album, and his reward was for me to write a song on his topic of choice. Several other people were also recipients of this same […]

Pass It On – lyrics

You have a smile, you have a minute, you have a dollar That someone else may need Could you Just take a while, reach out and give it, no thought for honour? ‘cause you might plant a seed And one day we may see The seed become a tree Chorus: Can you pass it on? […]

Moderation – inspiration

The lyrics for “Moderation” are here. We live in a world of extremes. There is no shortage of groups of people in the world who oppose each other. Everyone has an opinion, which they’re entitled to, but so many people are holding onto their opinion so tightly that this clouds their vision and prevents them […]

Moderation – lyrics

There’s religion versus science, creationism, atheism Say it’s black and white, who is right? My ism not your ism We are prisoners of each extreme Each one believing that they are supreme Working class against the wealthy, capitalism, communism Left against the right, all the shades divided by the prism We are prisoners of each […]