Sleeper on the Night Train – inspiration

The lyrics for “Sleeper on The Night Train” are here.

I first penned some of these lyrics years ago, but discarded them as I couldn’t come up with any sound musical ideas. Much later, I came up with a guitar riff and bass groove that formed the basis of this song, and re-worked these lyrics from long ago.

When things are tough, it’s very easy to blame fortune for your bad day. One of Aesop’s Fables that I read as a child told the story of Dame Fortune appearing to a young boy who had fallen asleep while lying on the edge of a water well. She begged him to wake up, saying that he would surely fall into the well, and that when he did, the people would lay the blame on her.

This is a song about taking charge of your own destiny. I believe that life gives us a set of tools to use, and that it is up to us to wield them to create our own reality. We are not prisoners of fate.

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