Deep, Still – inspiration

The lyrics of “Deep, Still” are here.

For a long time I wanted to write a love song for my husband, Kia, who has been my rock and support for the years that we’ve been together. But the task seemed impossible… all the love songs that I’ve heard and known are about the excitement of the first meeting, the throws of physical attraction, or just plain superficial puppy stuff.

At the same time, on a completely seperate tangent, I was toying with the idea of writing a song in the time signature of 5/4. Could I possibly write a pop song in an odd meter? This idea sat with me for months.

Then, late one night, on a long reflective drive home by myself, the concept came to me. I don’t know in what order in occurred – it seemed to happen all at once: the melody, the lyrics, the groove, the chords all swam into focus in my mind at once. So when I arrived home I raced to the keyboard, grabbing my song book and pen and probably knocking over something on the way… it’s a song about long-term, stable love; the kind that goes through the tests of life and stands strong like rock.

So here you have it. My love song, in 5/4. I dedicate this song to my husband Kia; thank you for the amazing love that you show me.

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