Late Night Groove at Ellington Jazz Club

 BLOG ENTRY 30/06/10

I’ve had a great string of interesting gigs since mid April, including a jazz gig to celebrate my birthday at the glorious Ellington Jazz Club – sold out show!! Since this fine jazz venue opened at the beginning of 2009, I’ve played there probably once every two months on average and had some great times performing a variety of music, including my original music, with some of Perth’s top musicians. I think the Ellington has brought something really valuable not only to the entertainment scene in Perth, but to the Australian jazz scene as a whole.

This was my first gig doing the Late Night Groove Session at the Ellington, which was super fun. The Late Night Groove has a very different vibe from the mid-evening show… as milk chocolate with coconut is different to dark chocolate with almonds. Pardon the poetic comparison 🙂 Great to see that the late night punters dig original music – woot!

After working with my band for around 7 months now, I feel like we’re starting to sound less like a bunch of great musicians playing together and more like a cohesive unit – it’s a great feeling. Now, if I can only think of a name for these guys…

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