Blog Entry 18/01/2010

Hiya! Finally, I’ve gotten some of the website features working… yipee! I’ve never been much of a tech-head, which means I’m learning all of this from scratch, so I’m feeling very proud of myself right now :)

Just finished a big stint of gigs over the festive season and coming back down to earth now, trying to get myself organised for this year. Eek! As I’ve now finished uni, I’m hunting for a day job (music teaching, etc), and I’m looking up grants so that I can perhaps go on tour at the end of the year. Also doing some research to see how I can get a gig playing at a major music festival… that would be great exposure! All this isn’t easy though, and procrastination is currently my worst enemy… *sigh*

Meanwhile, I’m STILL sifting through footage from the CD Launch for something to put online… will keep you posted!

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