SoulBounce – Walk With Shameem ‘Under One Sun’

Great little review of the “Under One Sun” music video by

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It’s a little gloomy outside today in my neck of the woods, but Shameem‘s video for “Under One Sun” has truly brought in the light. The Australian singer/songwriter, (who co-wrote the track with GRAMMY-winning producer, James Bryan) is spreading love and good cheer, but without a holiday motif in sight in her latest single’s visual, as she strolls through a paper cut-out world that looks straight out of a children’s pop-up book — and feels much more like the sweetness of springtime than blustery winter, as far as Shameem’s flourishing skirt is concerned.
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SoulBounce blog review

Yay! The sweet folks at SoulBounce have posted a great review of “Beautiful Soul” by the writer Kitten Jam, who has also posted the article on her own blog. “The powerful message is set to a classic R&B styling with a catchy hook and filled out with a live band feel, a refreshing change from the electronic sound that’s prevalent in R&B nowadays.”

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