A suite of songwriting nominations

A number of prestigious international songwriting competitions have nominated various tracks from Shameem’s latest EP, Time Does Not Reverse. This is in addition to Shameem’s recent grand prize win of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with the track Pass It On.

1) The Independent Music Awards has nominated Time Does Not Reverse as a finalist in its Urban EP category. The final winners for this competition are yet to be announced.

2) The UK Songwriting Contest has nominated I Love You, But and Just A Show in the finals of the RnB / Urban and Adult Contemporary categories respectively. This means that these tracks were in the top 1-2% of entries from all around the world in their categories. Additionally, Pass It On and Moderation were named in the semi-finals, which means that all four tracks of the Time Does Not Reverse EP were nominated in this competition!

3) The USA Songwriting Competition has nominated Moderation as the finals of its R&B category.

This means that, while the Time Does Not Reverse EP has remained unsung in any songwriting competition in Shameem’s home of Australia, all four of its tracks as well as the EP itself have either won or been recognised as finalists in one of four different international competitions.

Grand Prize winner: John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Shameem’s track Pass It On has been awarded the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Gospel/ Inspirational category! Pass It On, featured on Shameem’s recent EP Time Does Not Reverse, was originally written as a crowdfunding reward. Learn more about the inspiration behind this feel-good toe-tapper here.


“Moderation” home studio demo

Arrrgggh, why do I always write songs that are so hard for me to sing? Here’s a little sample of something I’ve been working on at home. Rapid lyrics, super low verse, super high chorus… blaaaahhh.

In the studio: R&B with Metallica?

Chris-Isaak-meets-Metallica guitars over my little R&B number? Normally I find it really hard to write guitar parts for my songs, but this one came quickly to me for some reason. Next: add vocals and organ… Possibly some strings too. This song will be called “Just A Show”.

In creative gear… my songwriting process

Hiya! Want to know how I go about writing a song? Check out this video, where I share my songwriting process by walking through one of my works-in-progress… an incomplete song called “Hole In My Heart”.