“I Give Thanks”, live at The Ellington Jazz Club

I Give Thanks” (from the album The Second City), performed live at The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth in October 2015. Filmed by Mark Turner.

I Give Thanks – inspiration

The lyrics for “I Give Thanks” are here.

This song, as uplifting as it sounds, was written at quite a dark time in my life. My parents’ marriage was breaking down, my mother who had been suffering with Parkinson’s Disease for several years was worsening in her condition and becoming more dependent on me, and I was worried about the well-being of my younger siblings who were caught up in it all. Many of my friends were having challenges with mental health, and there were few people with whom I felt that I could share my feelings with. I felt that I was losing several things that I held the most dear to me, all at once. Somehow though, during this turbulent time, I stumbled upon a sense of clarity: I still had so many, many things to be thankful for. Often we fail to notice the little things, everyday, that are in fact extraordinary blessings that we take for granted. I’m trying to get better at practising the art of gratitude, every day.

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I Give Thanks – lyrics

I Give Thanks

I give thanks for the morning sunrise
I give thanks for the clouds of rain
I give thanks for the joy and peace in life
I give thanks for the times of pain
I give thanks for the green grass that grows
I give thanks for nectarines and mangoes
I give thanks for all the people who’ve crossed my path
I give thanks to all the people who’ve touched my heart
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Recognition in Australian Songwriting Contest

asai_logoShameem is honoured to have been recognised in the Australian Songwriting Contest, with “Beautiful Soul” taking fourth place in the Contemporary Pop/ Dance category and “I Give Thanks” being nominated in the Top 30 of the Spiritual category.