Hallelujah – live in Haifa

I did a little house concert whilst travelling in Haifa, Israel. It was magical – they all sang along!

Trilogy “House Concert” crowd funding reward

I performed a “house concert” in an office, as a reward for the Special Sponsor of my album The Second City, Trilogy Advertising and Marketing. It was a really lovely evening, with Trilogy’s employees, contract workers and network of contacts enjoying lovely nibbles and drinks and a chance to catch up. I also performed for them a song that I wrote them as part of their crowd funding reward, entitled “We Do It Right”.

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House Concert at the Croft garden with Phil Doncon

Some photos from  the house concert that I did with visual artist Phil Doncon at the Croft garden in Mahogany Creek. Photos are courtesy of Malini Parker, Kevin Croft, Nasim Fozdar and Penny Wong.

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North American Tour – performance photos

These shots are taken by various people: friends, strangers, and strangers who became friends! The photos are from a variety of performances, from the big Canadian Music Festival gigs to the sweet and simple house concerts. Thank you to one and all who shared this wonderful journey with me.

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House concert in Kitchener, Ontario – little video snippets

Here’s some little video taken on a mobile device during my “house concert” in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The concert was in fact held in Haft Vadi Bellydancing studio… thanks to my hosts Dharlene and Sheldon Valeda, as well as Ralph and Miranda Phelan who invited me to come to Kitchener!

This song is a gig favourite where I often get the crowd to sing along… it’s called “Give Thanks”.

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