Expectation – inspiration

The lyrics for “Expectation” are here. I love to write songs about things that people have in common. My theory is that, the more that we see that we are similar to each other, the easier it will be to break down the stifling barriers of prejudice and indifference. The traditions of every people, culture and religion on the earth include a promise of a time when this world of suffering, conflict and destruction shall end, and peace shall reign forevermore. Many of these traditions include the promise of a special spiritual Being, who is often the return of a spiritual Teacher who has already lived, sent to earth who will bring about this time of peace. It is interesting to me that people of so many different cultural and religious backgrounds, who so often find it hard to get along with each other, should share this common concept of a future peaceful world, with many parallels in the story of how this peace will come about. [pe2-image src=”×768-world-wallpaper.jpg” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”aurora-borealis-over-hammerfest-1366×768-world-wallpaper.jpg” ]





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Expectation – lyrics


Watching time fly away
Ages pass in one way

[Instrumental interlude]

Expectation, expectation
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