The Voice Magazine – Music review: The Second City

Very humbled by this glowing review from Canadian blog, The Voice Magazine!

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It’s not often that I am instantly a fan of a musician. I typically need a few songs to decide whether or not I like them, and if I decide that I do it is usually because they do something different, use elements that I like, or are inspired by something more than pop culture.

With the first note that Shameem sang, I was instantly a fan. Not only is her voice soft and sultry, but her lyrics are full of truths, experiences, and wisdom. She even shares her inspiration for her songs on her website, which I absolutely loved.
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The Music – Album Reviews

Another album review, published in Australian streetpress The Music.

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Shameem’s 15-track album is fascinating Sunday arvo, lounge material.

Early numbers Beautiful Soul and It’s All Illusion emphasise the artist’s mannered rhythms and layered, sultry vocals. Hit single, Under One Sun’s catchy hooks and charming melody make for a highlight, while Other Half Of My Heart further softens the tempo. Give Me A Reason’s soothing love ballad vibe matches Chill In The Fire’s warm, eclectic harmonies. Expectation’s silky electric guitar riffs and I Give Thanks’ energetic beat shake up the album’s dulcet tones. It, though a few songs too many, comes out a textured and sexy compilation.