Lyrics and Inspirations from my recordings

To see song lyrics and to read about the inspiration behind the songs, click on individual song titles.


“Universe For Afternoon Tea” EP (2009)

  1. Undertones – lyrics & inspiration
  2. Accidental – lyrics & inspiration
  3. I Look Up – lyrics & inspiration
  4. Once Upon A Time – lyrics & inspiration


“Shameem” (self-titled) Album (2011)

  1. Sleeper On The Night Train  – lyrics | inspiration
  2. Boy – lyrics | inspiration
  3. Back To The Ground – lyrics | inspiration
  4. Deep, Still – lyrics | inspiration
  5. Hurting You Too – lyrics | inspiration
  6. Disappointed – lyrics | inspiration
  7. Yin – lyrics | inspiration
  8. Parents And Children – lyrics | inspiration
  9. Strawberry – lyrics | inspiration
  10. In Time – lyrics | inspiration


“The Second City” Album (2015)

  1. Beautiful Soul – lyrics | inspiration
  2. Interlude I – Sunrise and Rain
  3. It’s All Illusion – lyrics | inspiration
  4. Under One Sun – lyrics | inspiration
  5. Hole in My Heart – lyrics | inspiration
  6. Interlude II – Nectarines and Mangoes
  7. Other Half of My Heart – lyrics | inspiration
  8. Impostor – lyrics | inspiration
  9. Give Me a Reason – lyrics | inspiration
  10. Intro – A Lover is He
  11. Chill in The Fire – lyrics | inspiration | lyric video
  12. Interlude III – All The Love
  13. Expectation – lyrics | inspiration
  14. I Give Thanks – lyrics | inspiration
  15. Outro – Giving Thanks


“Bounce-Worthy: Shameem” – SoulBounce article 17/11/11

Here at SoulBounce, we’ve been noticing a lot of quality soul music coming our way from Australia and New Zealand. From Sam Sparro to Electric Empire to The Liberators and Electric Wire Hustle, there has to be something funky brewing in the waters over there to create such a bumper crop of down-under talent. Now we add to our ever-growing list of Kiwi and Aussie soul with Australian singer-songwriter Shameem. Her three-song EP, Universe for Afternoon Tea, showed a lot of her promise with jazz inflected R&B songs like “Undertones” and “I Look Up.” The jazz influences and her smooth, clear voice have made the Perth-native a favorite guest singer for many of Australia’s jazz clubs, but her heart truly lies in the world of soul music. She has used her influences to her advantage though, merging them with her love of ’90s R&B grooves to create something truly special, and it shows on her self-titled debut album. Tracks like “Boy,” an easy, laid-back jazzy groove of a love song, and the moody “Sleeper on the Night Train” showcase Shameem’s marriage of jazz and soul to great effect. Shameem’s debut will be released to the masses on November 19th. If you’re lucky enough to be a music-lover in Asia and Australia, Shameem plans to follow up her album’s release with tours on both continents (and maybe she can bring her talents stateside as well). As a consolation for the rest of us, we can listen to “Boy” and “Sleeper on the Night Train” below and hop after the bounce to see video of Shameem and her band recording the album (which features her track “Back to the Ground”).

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Picky, choosey…

So it’s less than 3 weeks until I step my foot into the studio to record our debut album. I really want this to be the “Hello world, this is Shameem” recording, so naturally I’m agonising over every detail: the song choices, the production, the photos, the design, and not least of all… the title!!

I’m terrible at picking titles… for everything, really. I made the mistake of once entitling a song “Down on You”, because of the refrain, “it’s bearing down on you.” At the time the innuendo completely escaped my mind. As you can imagine, I got some funny looks from the band members when I plonked the sheet music in front of them at our next rehearsal. You guessed correctly – I promptly changed it!!  
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Broome Advertiser article 17/02/11 – “Inspirational Soul”

By Nicola Kalmar

EMERGING artist Shameem Taheri-Lee is free-spirited soul, inspired by spiritual roots, and her music has a unique edge. Her devotion to her Baha’i Faith is exuded in her lyrics, professing love, equality and unity.

The 22-year-old from Perth performed solo a few years before forming her band last year, and releasing her debut EP, Universe for Afternoon Tea.

Uplifting lyrics, upbeat melodies and her captivating voice swiftly earned her the reputation of Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys.
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The Weekender article 03/02/11 – “Refreshing and infectious voice”

A PERTH singer dubbed Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys, will be performing this Sunday, February 6, at the White Star Hotel.

Shameem Taheri-Lee’s Albany visit during a state-wide tour with her band. “I’ve done one-off regional performances before, but this is the first time I’ll be touring the great state,” the singer/ songwriter said. “It’ll be a real adventure; there aren’t a lot of bands who do extensive regional touring in WA… especially not as far as I’m going.”
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Augusta Margaret River Mail article 02/02/11 – “Shameem set to shine”

PERTH based singer/ songwriter Shameem Taheri-Lee is bringing her latest tour south. Dubbed Australia’s Alicia Keys, she and her band have hit the road this month for a Western Australia Tour.

Her tour follows a busy 2010 which saw her release her EP Universe for Afternoon Tea, and nominated for a 2010 WAM Song of the Year Award for the recording’s first track Undertones.
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Geraldton Guardian article 15/12/2010 – “Creating a Buzz around the Jazz scene”

Soulful jazz and soaring female vocals will reutrn to L’Attitude 28 this Sunday afternoon.

Shameem Taheri-Lee has been playing shows and creating buzz in Perth, and will play in Geraldton this weekend rounding off a busy year for the young artist. Taheri-Lee released her EP Universe for Afternoon Tea, and picked up a WAM Song of the Year Award nomination for the track Undertones off that record.
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Xpress CD Launch plug

Guardian Express, article 17/11/09 – “Talking all that jazz”

Shameem Taheri-Lee will launch her first album this Friday at the Civic Hotel in Inglewood.

Taheri-Lee (21) is building a name for herself as a jazz singer, having performed professionally since 2004 and currently completing a jazz composition course at WAAPA.

Earlier this year, she was also a finalist in the prestigious James Morrison Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship.

She describes her solo work as ‘90s-esque R&B but played on acoustic instruments with a strong jazz influence.
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The West Australian, article 20/11/09 – “How Ella switched Shameem on to jazz”

Up-and-coming jazz singer Shameem Taheri-Lee had huge singing ambitions as a child growing up in Perth.

“When I was a kid I grew up on the Thriller album by Michael Jackson and my dream was to do a duet with him one day,” she says.

Although she will never get a chance to perform her dream duet, Taheri-Lee’s musical ambitions have stayed strong and will be given a jump-start with the launch of her debut EP tonight.
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