The Music – EP review: Time Does Not Reverse

Another review of my EP, this time from The Music.


Shameem offers up an electro soul concoction for Time Does Not Reverse.

With a generous sprinkle of synth and a handful of harmonies, the key ingredient here is the lead vocals. There’s some hot ad-libbing that would be elevated by some live instrumentation, rather than the generally electronic approach which dominates the majority of this release. Just A Show is a standout, with some cool chord choices to pull the melody in unexpected directions and colourful guitar fills to add a bit more texture. This is closely followed by I Love You, But with a chorus that’ll be on rotation in your head for hours.

– Natasha Pinto

The Music – Channeling The Facts Of Life Into Her Craft

Nice write up from an interview that I did with premier Aussie music blog, The Music, where I talk about the background to my new EP.


Shameem Taheri-Lee tells Louis Costello of her band’s latest EP while addressing her ongoing efforts to hone in her craft.

Like anyone venturing closer to their 30s and further away from the acceptable age to make poor decisions under the guise of being ‘young and naive’, Shameem Taheri-Lee has felt the downward pull of adulthood. However unlike most of us, Taheri-Lee was able to channel that feeling and transform it into her band’s latest release, Time Does Not Reverse.

“The EP comes from a place of reaching my late 20s, feeling a bit jaded about a few things with my life, but still clinging to hope and optimism for the future,” Taheri-Lee explains, adding that, “The songs are in order from the least profound, to the socially conscious, to the most inspired.”

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The Music – Album Reviews

Another album review, published in Australian streetpress The Music.

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Shameem’s 15-track album is fascinating Sunday arvo, lounge material.

Early numbers Beautiful Soul and It’s All Illusion emphasise the artist’s mannered rhythms and layered, sultry vocals. Hit single, Under One Sun’s catchy hooks and charming melody make for a highlight, while Other Half Of My Heart further softens the tempo. Give Me A Reason’s soothing love ballad vibe matches Chill In The Fire’s warm, eclectic harmonies. Expectation’s silky electric guitar riffs and I Give Thanks’ energetic beat shake up the album’s dulcet tones. It, though a few songs too many, comes out a textured and sexy compilation.

The Music – Shining Bright

Article featured in issues of The Music across Australia.

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Perth artist Shameem found herself mastering her craft around the world and the musical partnerships on her new record come from the most weird and wonderful places. She talks to Jane Sutton.
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