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An honest review of my EP from boutique UK blog SoulandJazzandFunk – these guys are soul purists!


SHAMEEM (TAHERI-LEE) is an Australian soul singer/songwriter based in Perth. She impressed the soul world with her 2014 long player, ‘The Second City’. Connoisseurs grew particularly fond of her Alicia Keys-flavoured ‘Beautiful Soul’.

Shameem is now set to follow that up with a four track EP, ‘Time Does Not Reverse’ that wins release at the end of July. The lead single, ‘I Love You But’ has just become available and if you can get past the odd electro intro you’ll discover a fine contemporary soul tune with great lyrics about loving, but not liking someone!

The EP’s other tracks are the lazy, jazzy ‘Just A Show’, a quirky ‘Moderation’ and ‘Pass It On’ – a lovely, simple, sweet. old school pop-soul ballad with a killer hook in the chorus.

Shameem launches her EP with a show in Perth on July 29th. People in the rest of the world can learn more @

SoulandJazzandFunk – The Second City album review

Album review by the good people at SoulandJazzandFunk… see what they had to say!

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Shameem (Taheri-Lee) is an Australian singer/songwriter who, we’re told, reveres 70s soul which she re-channels in her own contemporary way. ‘The Second City’ is the Perth native’s second full album and even before its January release there’s quite a buzz on it on the back of the lead single ‘Beautiful Soul’. The Alicia Keys-flavoured tune won some high profile support and it stands out on the album. It features some tight beats and is built round an ultra catchy chorus.
‘Under One Sun’ is another album highlight…. pleasant pop soul with a thoughtful, socially conscious lyric. Indeed, throughout, Shameem lyrics comment on a lot more than the usual relationship thing. The album’s consistent lyrical theme is about the importance of giving thanks. The set features a number of brief sketches or interludes exhorting to us to give thanks for everything we have and that sentiment is summed up in the final outro.
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SoulandJazzandFunk blog review

Really stoked about this awesome review from UK blog SoulandJazzandFunk! “… an ear-worm of a chorus” – woot!

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