“The Second City” album trailer

A little snapshot of my musical journey at the time of releasing my sophomore album “The Second City”. Produced by Red Bird Creative.

Brand new single – Beautiful Soul

Shameem_Single_Sleeve-cover_lowresShameem is very excited to announce the release of her brand new single “Beautiful Soul”! “Beautiful Soul” is available for purchase on iTunes and BandCamp, and streaming services such as Spotify. Check out the sunshine-drenched music video, produced by Red Bird Creative in Shameem’s hometown of Perth.

“Beautiful Soul” is the first single from The Second City, Shameem’s forthcoming sophomore album. Driven by Shameem’s expressive, soulful vocals, an unforgettable hook and a phat urban beat, “Beautiful Soul” draws together elements of R&B, soul and a slight tinge of jazz. Shameem’s sense of social consciousness has informed the lyrics, which draw attention to the way in which children are taught prejudice and indifference by adults.

Shameem, who considers herself a “musician” rather than a “singer”, not only wrote but also co-produced the track, contributing to the drum programming and keyboards as well as the instrumental and vocal arrangements.

Beautiful Soul (full video)

Shameem_Single_Sleeve-cover_lowresPurchase “Beautiful Soul” on iTunes. Also available on Bandcamp.

Produced by Red Bird Creative. Dress created by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous and Aggie Ampersand. Makeup by Gail Wilton; hair by Sharryn Sinclair.

Beautiful Soul shoot

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Photos taken by Red Bird Creative and edited by Angelyne Wolfe. Make-up by Gail Wilton; hair by Sharryn Sinclair. Dress created by Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous and Aggie Ampersand.

In post-production mode

Shameem is lying low for the next little while, as she prepares for the release of her next two singles and her album later this year. The music videos for the singles are in post-production, and work has now begun on the album photography and artwork. For a little peek at what Shameem has been up to in the recording studio, check out this blog article and this blog article. There are also some behind-the-scenes shots from the sets of her upcoming music videos at her blog.

Beautiful Soul video shoot

Here are some sneaky behind the scenes photos from the film shoot for the music video, produced by Red Bird Creative, for my upcoming single “Beautiful Soul”. You can see here my dress (designed by the wonderful Ayesha Parsons of Decisively Ambiguous), me in action getting my hair and make-up done, the crew in action filming, and then celebrating the end of the day with my pal Diego, who was such an amazing helper on the day, and Bill Dobbin, who was acting as the main character of the video.

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Crowd funding campaign – the video!

Today is Day 1 of my crowd funding campaign! Details of the campaign are already on my News page, so I just wanted to give a shout out here to the team from Red Bird Creative who donated their time, talent and skills to creating this neat little video for the campaign – thank you Zoe, Sam, Reece and Natasha!