Work in progress: “Moderation”

A little sample of what we were working on in the studio last week… cutting up samples for the intro of a song.

Back in the studio

Shameem is currently back in the studio, working on her fourth studio recording: a 4-track EP to be released in July 2017. You can expect to hear Shameem’s signature soulful sound which gives a nod to the grooves of the 90s, but with a fresh twist of neoteric production. Stay tuned for more news…


In the studio, recording my next EP

We’re in the throws of laying down the four tracks that will be on my next EP, at Soundbaker Studios, Perth. Credit for the beautiful black & white photos goes to our recording engineer Rob Agostini.

In the studio, recording EP

More shots from the studio

After a few weeks of sessions at Soundbaker Studios spent programming beats, recording the band and then recording and compiling vocals, we got my guitarist Dom back in the studio to put down a few more guitar layers and asked Alix and Laura from Mill Point Quartet to come in and record their lovely strings! Alix plays both violin AND viola, serious skills…

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In the studio, recording our second album

Here are some snaps from our sessions at Soundbaker Studio, recording my second album!

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In the studio! Recording album #2…

Shameem is busy in the recording studio during December and January, recording her second album! There will be more news of upcoming shows soon, so please stay tuned. Meanwhile, Shameem would like to thank everyone who contributed to the crowd funding campaign to make this album recording possible – she has thanked all supporters individually in this blog article and this blog article (look for your name!). Thanks to the generous contributions of 104 supporters, 104% of the target amount was achieved.[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Shameem dons her cans” type=”image” alt=”Album Recording 011.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”h400″ pe2_img_align=”center” ]

Album Recording

In the studio!

Summary: Three consecutive 8-hour days doing band sessions at Soundbaker Studios. Six 4-hour sessions recording and compiling vocals. Many mugs of peppermint tea, 1 packet of jelly snakes and a box of Cheds.

Thursday’s band session started off well – set up was quick and clean, and by the end of the day the drums and bass had good takes down for 6 songs. There were five of us in the studio – Robin and Bronton putting down bass and drums respeectively, and the rest of us playing along to give them a guide and some mojo. On the Friday, we finished off the drum and bass tracks, and moved to recording Tal’s keys and Harry’s guitar. Pleased with our productivity, the band ended the day with an energetic gig at The Boheme.
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In the recording studio…

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Picky, choosey…

So it’s less than 3 weeks until I step my foot into the studio to record our debut album. I really want this to be the “Hello world, this is Shameem” recording, so naturally I’m agonising over every detail: the song choices, the production, the photos, the design, and not least of all… the title!!

I’m terrible at picking titles… for everything, really. I made the mistake of once entitling a song “Down on You”, because of the refrain, “it’s bearing down on you.” At the time the innuendo completely escaped my mind. As you can imagine, I got some funny looks from the band members when I plonked the sheet music in front of them at our next rehearsal. You guessed correctly – I promptly changed it!!  
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