“Under One Sun” music video: the art

So, you’re probably wondering: is everything in Shameem’s “Under One Sun” video really made of paper? How did they make such big paper trees and buildings? And what about that painting right at the end of the video?

Some time ago, I came across the work of paper cut artist Renee Farrant, who lives in Albany (about 5 hours drive south of Perth in Western Australia). All of her work is created by cutting paper into shape to create delicate and intricate pieces of art. She creates such pretty and fine little things that I’ve always marvelled at how long it must take her to do one piece!

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Under One Sun (full video)

Shameem_UnderOneSun_single_cover_higresPurchase Under One Sun on iTunes.

Produced by Jason Eshraghian. Paper art and dress created by Renee Farrant. Painting by Phil Doncon. Makeup by Michaela Ivory; hair by Kendal at Shendals Signature Salon.

Under One Sun video shoot

Some behind-the-scenes moments on the set of the “Under One Sun” music video, produced and directed by J Eshraghian.

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“The Art of Soul” at Fringe Festival

Some snaps from our show “The Art of Soul” with visual artist Phil Doncon, held at Kulcha as part of Fringe Festival 2014.

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“Paint by Numbers” article in Western Suburbs Weekly 28/01/14

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 By Tanya McNaughton

The soulful sound of local songstress Shameem Taheri-Lee is certainly helping the 25-year-old make a name for herself.

Having grown up in Nedlands, the former St Hilda’s student released her self-titled debut album two years ago and has since supported international artist George Benson, Ronan Keating and Belinda Carlisle, toured Australia, the USA and Canada, plus had her single Turn It On used in the Kleenheat Gas advertising campaign.
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“Painting from the soul” article in The Post, 25/01/14

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By Sarah McNeill

Lots of artists paint to music, but few paint on stage to a live band.

Geraldton-based visual artist Phil Doncon has developed the art of painting huge canvases on stage accompanied by orchestras or bands. For the Fringe Festival he will join local soul singer Shameem Taheri-Lee on stage in The Art of Soul.
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“The Art of Soul” at Perth Fringe Festival 2014

Shameem is very excited to announce that she’ll again be joining forces with visual artist Phil Doncon to perform a special, unique show as part of Perth Fringe Festival on January 31st, 2014. “The Art of Soul” will explore the struggles and joys of the human journey through music and paint. Be prepared for an audio-visual feast!

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Phil Doncon has taken his unique performance painting all around Australia, performing with the most celebrated jazz musicians and classical orchestras. Shameem’s first show with Phil at The Ellington in April 2014 was a great hit, and they are now refining their performance to include more and bigger canvasses and more interplay between music and art. Tickets are now available here.


House Concert at the Croft garden with Phil Doncon

Some photos from  the house concert that I did with visual artist Phil Doncon at the Croft garden in Mahogany Creek. Photos are courtesy of Malini Parker, Kevin Croft, Nasim Fozdar and Penny Wong.

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Photos from Ellington Jazz Club show with visual artist Phil Doncon

Big thanks to Nicole Murua for these photos!!

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