Sunday Piazza Live

Photos from our show at the Northbridge Piazza, Perth. Bringing the fun, summer vibes!

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Sunday at the Piazza

Summer’s coming to Perth! And what’s better in summer than a Sunday afternoon outdoor show, for free?

Shameem & band take to the stage of the Northbridge Piazza on 18th November; serving up some laid-back original grooves to get your summer Sunday vibe going.

Sunday Piazza Live

On a sweltering 40 degree Sunday afternoon in March, Shameem & band took to the stage at the Northbridge Piazza.

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“Shameem – Northbridge Piazza” iShop Perth Magazine article, 08/03/12

The next event in the Sunday Piazza Live series is set to sizzle with a performance by Perth singer Shameem. Still on a high from supporting Ronan Keating last month, Shameem’s style is a fusion of 90s R&B with 70s’ funk elements. The free event is this Sunday from 1pm to 3:30pm.

Shameem set to shine – Southern Gazette article, 06/03/12


A VICTORIA Park singer will hit the Northbridge Piazza stage this weekend. Shameem Taheri-Lee, who performs as Shameem, and her band, will fill the piazza with jazz fusion songs from her debut album, as well as a few classic jazz numbers.

It is another event to add to Taheri-Lee’s list of performances, which includes supporting Ronan Keating a A Day on The Green, as well as shows at the Adelaide Fuse Festival.
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Radio interview and live performance 6PR 04/03/12

Interview and live studio performance on 6PR with Paul Cook.

[audio: Interview Paul Cook 04-03-12 (1).mp3]