Northern Star – Shameem’s sun has light for everyone

I had a nice deep-and-meaningful with Javier Encalada from Byron Bay’s Northern Star newspaper.

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SINGER songwriter Shameem has released a new album, Second City.

The Western Australian’s music is an eclectic mix of jazz, blues and socially conscious lyrics.

“One of the overall themes that run through my songs is my desire to tell people to become more socially conscious,” she said.
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LinkAdelaide – Fringe 2015: Shameem’s Under One Sun

I did an interview with LinkAdelaide in the lead up to my tour show at Adelaide Fringe; you can check out the podcast here.

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Soulful Perth singer songwriter Shameem is my guest as she embarks on a national tour to promote her fantastic new album The Second City. With the debut single Under One Sun included within, this chat focuses on inspiration and Shameem’s style, ahead of her visit to Adelaide to close the tour at the Royal Croquet Club during 2015’s Adelaide Fringe.

Sydney Morning Herald Online – Soul singer Shameem brings worldly, unique voice to entertain

So chuffed about this fantastic article in the Sydney Morning Herald online. The same article was also published in The Canberra Times and The Brisbane Times.

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Born and bred in Perth to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, Shameem’s voice is as unique and worldly as her upbringing.

“My first memory of music is Michael Jackson,” she says through a chuckle. “My mum really liked him, she has a love for pop music. Also I have memories of my grandmother chanting prayers around the house.”
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The Music – Shining Bright

Article featured in issues of The Music across Australia.

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Perth artist Shameem found herself mastering her craft around the world and the musical partnerships on her new record come from the most weird and wonderful places. She talks to Jane Sutton.
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Xpress Magazine – SHAMEEM City Lights

Check out this article with Perth’s reputable Xpress Magazine!

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After making a splash in 2011 with her debut self-titled EP, West Australian artist, Shameem, is back with The Second City, another round of R&B tracks set to send a message. AARON BRYANS reports ahead of her performance this Saturday, January 17, at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Combining ’90s R&B with elements of jazz and soul, local artist and composer Shameem has taken a positive approach to her musical journey, absorbing any experience along the way to evolve her music into a style that she is not only proud of but can be recognised and appreciated for.

However when it comes to song writing, Shameem values lyrical expression equal to its musical accompaniments.
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The West Australian – Shameem takes spirited approach

Got this amazing write up in The West Australian! Woohoo! Scroll down for full article.

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Music can change the world because it changes people. Local songstress Shameem Taheri-Lee hope hers does exactly that. Born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, the bubbly Perth vocalist and songwriter, who performs under her first name, enchants audiences with heartfelt personal stories and imbues her songs with a spiritual influence.
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Interview on Sonshine FM

Check out the podcast of my interview with Tim Long on 98five Sonshine FM here!

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TV debut!

So recently I rocked up to the West TV studios on a freeeezing cold morning… was bundled through make-up and then whisked into their chilly warehouse-like back studio, among some other hot new acts from WA, to do an interview with these lovely people – Nikkita and Antonio. If you’re impatient, skip ahead to 06:17 to catch me!

“Shameem” – Rip It Up (Adelaide) article, 26/07/12

By Robert Dunstan

Shameem is a contemporary jazz, soul and R&B singer who was born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and Iranian mother.

She’s currently on a national tour to promote the release of a self-titled debut which will bring the sonstress and her full band to Adelaide for one show only.
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“Shameem Taheri-Lee” – Time Off (Brisbane) article, 25/07/12

With the release of her debut, self-titled album, Perth songstress Shameem Taheri-Lee is proving to be Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys. Tony McMahon investigates.

“I actually had recorded an EP back in 2009,” Taheri-Lee says, putting into context the approach she took to her debut album. “The EP was recorded more like a jazz project – we did three takes for each song, and then chose the best take. With this album we took more time and put a bit more consideration into production. Also, when we went to record the album, the band had been together for much longer and we’d performed and fleshed out the songs much more than we did before the EP recording… so the arrangements are more mature.”
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