“Give Me A Reason”, live at The Ellington Jazz Club

Give Me a Reason” (from the album The Second City), performed live at The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth in October 2015.

“Give Me A Reason” lyric video

I made this lyric video with beautiful black and white photos donated by some awesome people who responded to a call out on my Facebook  page! “Give Me A Reason” is a heartfelt, very personal song on my new album, The Second City. Thank you to Clem Bailey, Hiro Ugaya, Todd Wilkinson and Sophie Brown for the use of your photos, you rock!

Give Me a Reason – inspiration

The lyrics for “Give Me a Reason” are here.

This song follows on from the same storyline as the song “Impostor“, and before that the song “Disappointed“. Having gone through stages of sadness and anger, this song comes from a place where I deeply want to forgive the person who hurt me, but am struggling to find the inner strength to let go of my hurt. The images in the song of broken glass represent both that person, as I know that this person has also suffered a lot, and also my broken trust in the person. They can never undo what they did to me, just like you can never unbreak a glass. I still very much love this person, so I want to forgive them, but I don’t know if I can ever trust them again. But I wish that I could.

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Give Me a Reason – lyrics

Give Me a Reason

Your word was a glass crystallised vase
You turned and you knocked it off my table
And I watched as it shattered, and there I wept
And the sky, it wept with me
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