Unplugged performance while on tour in Geraldton

While on tour in Geraldton, Dom and I recorded this little ditty for you in our lovely beachside apartment.

Tour photos – northern leg

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Photos by Shameem Taheri-Lee (all the average ones) and Robin Murray (all the awesome ones).

Touring WA – the treacherous north

The northern leg of tour: the tour of hard knocks, big lessons and unforgettable swims.

Our first show was in the small Wheatbelt town of Dalwallinu, which has a population of around 2000 people. We were booked in by the local shire to perform in their newly built amphitheatre, with local support act Codie Sundstrom and another Perth band, A Beggars Second. Read more

Geraldton Guardian article 15/12/2010 – “Creating a Buzz around the Jazz scene”

Soulful jazz and soaring female vocals will reutrn to L’Attitude 28 this Sunday afternoon.

Shameem Taheri-Lee has been playing shows and creating buzz in Perth, and will play in Geraldton this weekend rounding off a busy year for the young artist. Taheri-Lee released her EP Universe for Afternoon Tea, and picked up a WAM Song of the Year Award nomination for the track Undertones off that record.
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Automobile Inferno Adventure

The flaming vehicle

So, my jazz trio were driving to Geraldton to play at the lovely beachside venue, L’Attitude 28. We’d decided to take Adam’s car, as it’s a nice roomy station wagon which easily fits a double bass and a PA system. Feeling pretty safe, as he had just driven his car back from a gig in Denmark the previous day with no complications. I don’t know why we didn’t read the signs as we took off from his place… the funny engine noises, the painfully slow acceleration. About 20 minutes from home, we noticed the smoke drifting out of the front bonnet *cue dramatic music*.
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WA tour – confirmed!

Regional WA Tour in February 2011 is confirmed!! Stay tuned to the Gigs page for more updates, but so far performances in Busselton, Margaret River, Geraldton and Port Denison have been confirmed, with more coming… Sponsored by the Department of Culture and the Arts WA.

Midwest Times, article 20/05/10 – “Exciting jazz acts on the way”

This Sunday will see a slightly new choice for music lovers in Geraldton, with the first of hopefully many monthly jazz sessions at L’Attitude 28 Bar.

I was recently in Perth helping install the A Day in Pompeii exhibition at the WA Museum. I took the opportunity to check the recently opened Ellington Jazz Bar in Northbridge and happened to see some of the artists that will be coming this way, mostly from the WA Academy of Performing Arts.
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Amazing Autumn!

It’s been a busy couple of months for this little chick singer! Gigs aplenty in various venues around Perth (and not all playing the same kind of music either!), a trip to South Australia to participate in the finals of the James Morrison “Generations in Jazz” Vocal Scholarship and also a trip to Geraldton to perform in a gorgeous seaside venue. Check out my blog for all the lowdown!

L’Attitude 28 in Geraldton

 BLOG ENTRY 25/05/10

Had another pleasant trip with an “away gig” in Geraldton – a gorgeous seaside town 5 hours drive north of Perth. Played at a gorgeous venue overlooking the beach by the name of L’Attitude 28 (the name I believe is a reference to the latitude of the town). This was more of a jazz standard gig, though I did throw some original grooves in there, and the people of Geraldton showed us a warm welcome. Must thank Justin at the bar for that glorious mocktail… made a cold winters’ night into a balmy summers’ day, yum! Note to self: stay in Geraldton for a little longer next time…