Crowd funding in November

November was the second half of our crowd funding campaign, during which time we met and exceeded our target! Enormous amounts of gratitude to everyone who contributed making this sophomore album project possible! I continued to take a “thank you” picture every few days to express my gratitude to all the supporters. Your names are here:

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Crowd funding in October

We launched the crowd funding campaign for our next album on Monday 7th October, and we’re now almost halfway through the 56-day campaign. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve been so blown away by how amazingly supportive and generous everyone has been of the project. Within the first 24 hours we had already met 25% per cent of our target, which climbed to over 40% after one week, 67% after two weeks and 81% after three weeks!
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Crowd funding campaign – the video!

Today is Day 1 of my crowd funding campaign! Details of the campaign are already on my News page, so I just wanted to give a shout out here to the team from Red Bird Creative who donated their time, talent and skills to creating this neat little video for the campaign – thank you Zoe, Sam, Reece and Natasha!

Make Shameem’s next album Pozible!

Hi, it’s Shameem here. I’m in the midst of preparations to record my second album – we’ll be starting the production sessions in December! Because I’m an independent artist (i.e. no record label), I need your support to help to raise the funds needed to record this album through my crowd funding campaign. Crowd funding is a new and exciting way that many artists use their networks and communities to support new projects. Friends, family and fans can contribute, and will be rewarded according to how much they contribute.

Depending on what you contribute, you can:

  • receive a copy of the album before it’s released
  • have a singing lesson with me
  • be credited on the CD liner notes as a “patron” or “honourary producer” of the album
  • And much more!

Please check out my crowd funding page on the Pozible website to find out what this album recording is all about and how you can get involved. Check out the video at the top of the page for the juiciest details!

Album Fundraiser Show @ the Ellington

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All photos taken by Dylan Tilbury for Layla & Associates Photography.

Faster Louder Article 26/04/11 – “Shameem Taheri-Lee @ The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth”

“Taheri-Lee’s songs had a deep, soulful resonance that captivated the audience, propelled by a strong rhythmic backing, augmented by virtuoso keyboard solos. The whole band worked in unison to create a rich tapestry of colour…”

Sexy, sophisticated, suave, the Ellington Jazz Club has it all. Whether you’re an amateur jazzophile who thinks Louis Armstrong is that guy who landed on the moon, or a jaded veteran who thinks the only good jazz comes in 37/16 timing and involves instruments invented for the sole purpose of one performance and destroyed moments later to preserve the song’s originality, the Ellington Jazz Club is a Mecca for anybody with a toe in the Perth jazz scene.
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Album Fundraiser Show

Shameem & band have been writing, gigging and touring together for over a year now, and have cooked up the material for their debut full-length album! To HELP US to raise the dollars that we need for the expenses of recording, please come to this SPECTACULAR SHOW we’re putting on and enjoy the perks!!

Sunday 17th April, 6:00-9:00pm
The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth

Featuring never-before-heard original material, a rare solo performance of some numbers from Shameem, special guests, raffle prizes (see here for more details) and the opportunity to pre-order the album!! Tickets are going fast, so book ahead if you want to be seated.

A big thank you to our SPONSORS: Cakes By ShanthiLayla & Associates Photography and Innocent Entertainment.