Beat Magazine – Shameem

An interesting piece in Melbourne’s Beat Magazine; published in the lead up to my solo tour. The journalist, Thomas Brand, got pretty amped up and put a lot of his own political opinion into the article, hehe. I try to stay away from a partisan approach to politics and so I don’t necessarily share his views, but I really enjoyed the animated interview that we had, and his honest exploration of lyrics in pop music.

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Shameem Taheri-Lee is described as a socially conscious musician. Considering the harsh impositions of the incumbent Liberal government, which has granted people the “right to be bigots” while perpetrating the forced closure of Aboriginal communities across Australia, it’s now more important than ever to speak out against social injustice. Taheri-Lee has been subjected to her fair share of discrimination, and writes from the heart in the hope that others will find something to relate to.

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ABC RN: The Shameem soul session

While I was in Sydney during my Australian Solo Tour, I dropped into the ABC studios at the request of ABC RN presenter Geoff Wood, to record and film some live performances for his program, The Rhythm Divine. Here’s the video that they produced of my performance of “Beautiful Soul”.

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Diary of a roadie

My lovely husband Kia came along on my recent solo tour; it’s the first time he’s come on the road with me touring. He decided to take a selfie every day with me in the background… This is the tour from his point of view.

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Australian Solo Tour 2015

Here are some pics from my Australian Solo Tour – 9 shows in 11 days in 8 towns/ cities!

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Blogs plugging the Australian Solo Tour

Just wanted to give a shout out to music blogs Sounds of Oz and Love ‘Em for giving my Australian Solo Tour a plug!

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“… killer track with standout vocals and lyrics that really cut through…” – Sounds of Oz on Beautiful Soul

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Scenestr – Shameem’s Soulful, Solo Tour

I had a really nice chat with Brendan MacLean from Scenestr magazine about my solo tour, among other things.

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Often dubbed ‘Australia’s answer to Alicia Keys’, Shameem’s music blends soul and jazz stylings with personal stories and socially conscious lyrics.

The WA neo-soul songstress will be touring nationally throughout October. But this time, she’ll only be accompanied by her keyboard. “When you’re a self-managed muso you’re always trying to find ways to save money and touring solo’s much cheaper,” Shameem laughs.
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5 signs that reality TV has gone too far

I did this thing for Scenestr Magazine, where they asked me to put together a “Top 5” on any topic of my choice. In my usual social commentary style, I decided to make a dig at reality TV shows by putting together a list of 5 over-the-top fictional reality TV shows, which are actually not too different from some of  the programs that we are all currently obsessed with. You can read the full write-up here.

1. MasterPlumber
Forget MasterChef… follow your favourite DIY plumbers as they battle it out for the honour of being crowned Australia’s MasterPlumber! A book deal is included in the grand prize.
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