“… she proved not only can she elegantly deliver her soul repertoire, but also she can cut the stage up So You Think You Can Dance style. Respect. I’m impressed.” – Leona Devaz, Weekend Notes

“… a powerful and unlimited voice…” – Xpress magazine

Time Does Not Reverse EP

“… an electro soul concoction… With a generous sprinkle of synth and a handful of harmonies, the key ingredient here is the lead vocals. There’s some hot ad-libbing… Just A Show is a standout, with some cool chord choices to pull the melody in unexpected directions and colourful guitar fills to add a bit more texture. This is closely followed by I Love You, But with a chorus that’ll be on rotation in your head for hours.” – The Music

Time Does Not Reverse is the honest work of a true writer. Shameem’s lines relate her lifetime and all poetically reflect reality as it is.” – Sounds So Beautiful

Pass It On

“… a lovely, simple, sweet, old school pop-soul ballad with a killer hook in the chorus.” – SoulandJazzandFunk


“Shameem unleashes her voice during the chorus… This track allows her to highlight her vocal prowess.” – Sounds So Beautiful

The Second City album

“… an explosion of soul. Her piano and voice take you on a journey to a world full of positivity, love and understanding. Her first single from the album titled Under One Sun is as inspiring as it is catchy.” – Alasdair Mcdonald, Sydney Morning Herald

The Second City, is an uplifting and contemplative soul-pop record brimming with rich vocals, infectious R&B rhythms, jazz-infused melodies and spiritual undertones… filled with beautiful messages.” – The Brag

“Shameem is a classy crooner, effortlessly laying down smooth as silk soul and RnB tracks, while exhibiting an impressive vocal range and tonal flexibility. Or, expressed less technically, she sings like a funky angel.” – BMA Magazine

“This album blew me away. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my usual type of music, but Shameem is such a standout that I had to give it a try anyway! And I’m so glad I did. This soulful, enchanting collection, with a distinctive jazzy feel… an honest, refreshing album.” – Love ‘Em

“… a fun and enjoyable blend of meaningful tracks with highs, lows and twists. Of the many themes within The Second City, unity and equality are a stand out, two hot topics in the current Australian environment.” – Aaron Bryans, Xpress magazine

“Shameem’s 15-track album is fascinating Sunday arvo, lounge material… mannered rhythms and layered, sultry vocals. Hit single, Under One Sun’s catchy hooks and charming melody make for a highlight… a textured and sexy compilation.” – Thomas Munday, The Music 

Live performances

“[Shameem]’s songs had a deep, soulful resonance that captivated the audience, propelled by a strong rhythmic backing… The whole band worked in unison to create a rich tapestry of colour…” – FasterLouder

“Shameem’s vocal suppleness and song-writing talents were on display. Her melismatic improvisation and scatting shone as her tones varied between angelic and forceful. Shameem’s dynamic charisma was apparent to all while her band pulsated. The performance had all the reminiscence of Jacques Prevert, the R&B of Angie Stone, an Ella Fitzgerald treatment with the tightness of a Gil Evans score and the pace of The Brand New Heavies; unplugged and lashed with exuberance.” – Lady Lex, Scene Magazine

“Some performers need the audience to listen long and carefully before anyone gets that there is something good going on. With Shameem you’d have to be locked in a lead-lined room to miss this lady’s sparkle. Her charisma and sheer energy on stage command attention and the listener is rewarded with a swinging, soulful sound – this is what jazz is all about.” – James Morrison, Australian jazz virtuoso

“Under One Sun” single

[Under One Sun] is a wonderfully light track that follows her acclaimed debut single Beautiful Soul… its message is both lovely and fitting… it’s refreshing to hear someone so young write with such powerful social conscious… a meaty, soul driven pop song.” – Cameron Nicholls, Howl & Echoes

“Beautiful Soul” single

Beautiful Soul is a feel-good number… The powerful message is set to a classic R&B styling with a catchy hook and filled out with a live band feel, a refreshing change from the electronic sound that’s prevalent in R&B nowadays… with a voice like Shameem’s, Beautiful Soul is anything but a dampener. The video and single will uplift your spirit and have you grooving from the moment you press play.” – Kitten Jam, SoulBounce

“… the ultra-catchy Beautiful Soul. The tune’s built around some tight beats and features some cool piano and an ear-worm of a chorus. The vocal is spot on and the whole package stands comparison with one of Shameem’s heroines, Alicia Keys… it makes soul sense to keep an eye on Shameem in particular and Australia in general.” – SoulandJazzandFunk